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Becoming the man you were meant to be is not hard on the inside, but on the outside it takes just a bit of work. Below are the primary procedures in masculinization.

Body Masculinization

Body masculinization is a complex series of procedures that can help you express your true identity by achieving a more traditionally male physique. Over the years, Dr. Beck has perfected his TG surgical techniques, delivering exceptional results that restore confidence and boost self-image.

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FTM Facial Surgery

Although gender is expressed along a continuum, there are certain features that help us to distinguish between classically male and female faces. These include the hairline, the brows, the forehead, the nose, the lips, the jaw, chin and Adam’s apple, and the amount of facial hair.

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FTM Top Surgery

While plastic surgery was once primarily the domain of elite celebrities or the injured in need of reconstruction, today it is a vital and compelling tool used to express our most authentic selves, readily available to anyone who wishes to better align their outer appearance with their most cherished aesthetic ideals.

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TG Hair Restoration

The FTM hairline has special needs that Dr. Joel beck is uniquely qualify to speak to. Creating results that appear genuine, nuanced and highly customized to your individual anatomy is what Dr. Beck does best.

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