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Hair Restoration

A trusted resource for TG hair restoration clients

The FTM hairline has special needs that Dr. Joel beck is uniquely qualify to speak to. Creating results that appear genuine, nuanced and highly customized to your individual anatomy is what Dr. Beck does best.

Facial hair transplantation, such as the addition of a beard, eyebrows, sideburns or a mustache, can play a major role in transforming the overall appearance of the TG client, and thus requires an experienced, skilled practitioner who is familiar with these delicate, intricate procedures and can address them artfully as well as functionally.

A variety of techniques

Dr. Beck is well versed in both the strip technique (FUG) and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique, and can discuss each of these methods with you during your consultation, so that you might understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. Rest assured that you will receive the best possible outcome for your needs.


During the strip method, a strip of skin with several hairs is harvested from the back of the head and grafted into its new position. Micrografts usually contain 1-4 hairs, and thus provide a very natural, virtually undetectable look once they are in place.


During FUE, hair grafts are harvested with uniquely shaped micro blades resulting in reduced scarring at the donor sites. Hair can thus be cut quite short without any detection that a procedure has been done. This method is more time-consuming and labor-intensive than the strip method, however. It tends to be ideal for those with less donor hair to spare.

Understanding facial hair transplantation

A facial hair transplant concerns the addition of a goatee, moustache, beard, eyebrows or sideburns, and can be performed more than once for maximum improvements. Each requires in the realm of 200 to 700 hair grafts, each angled and proportioned correctly to accentuate attractiveness in the FTM patient.

Microscopic incisions allow Dr. Beck to position the grafts with minimal scarring. Hair can be shaved and styled just like your own, and the grafts will continue to grow over time just as regular hair does.