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A smooth forehead free of significant protrusions is a hallmark of a feminine facial appearance. A prominent projection of bone above the eyebrows tends to be less aesthetically pleasing in either sex, and can be a particularly masculine feature for a female. When you meet our board-certified transgender surgeons, you and he can discuss your feminization goals and whether facial feminization surgery of the forehead is right for you.

If you would like to schedule a consultation with our team to discuss whether facial feminization foreheadplasty is right for you, please call Bay Area Feminization Surgery at 650-249-3169.

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Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Foreheadplasty

Creating a Feminine Forehead Contour

The forehead, seen from the front and in profile, strongly indicates gender. Typically, the genetic female's forehead has a smooth, round contour without any significant protrusion. In the genetic male, the forehead tends to protrude above the brow, creating a slight indentation in the forehead. The genetic male may have "frontal bossing," which is significant projection of the forehead.

To create a feminine forehead, your surgeon may soften the boney ridge above the eyebrows for a softer forehead contour. Like all cosmetic procedures, any facial feminization surgery should be customized to your facial appearance and your goals. In some cases, a male-to-female transgender patient may not benefit from this type of facial feminization forehead shaping. You and your surgeon can discuss your facial features, your goals, and what may be right for you.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Foreheadplasty

Adjusting the Hairline in Foreheadplasty

Foreheadplasty may also involve raising or lowering the hairline, although this characteristic also must be assessed on an individual basis. Typically, a genetic female may look the most biologically female when she has a relatively low hairline, compared to a more genetically masculine high hairline.

If you and your surgeon decide to lower your hairline, that result can be achieved during a browlift procedure. Raising the hairline can also be achieved during a browlift.

The only way to know whether facial feminization surgery of the forehead is right for your expectations is to meet with our team. Our practice is committed to providing a personal, one-on-one consultation and surgical guidance for your male-to-female transition.

To learn more about San Mateo facial feminization surgery and whether it may be right for your facial aesthetic goals, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation.

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