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Hair Restoration by NeoGraft®

NeoGraft provides a minimally invasive way to restore thinned hair or hair on bald spots. Hair restoration is particularly beneficial to the male-to-female transgender patient because it can create a feminine hairline and the beautiful, womanly hair that will allow you to live more confidently.

To find out if you are a good candidate for hair restoration by NeoGraft, please call Bay Area Feminization Surgery at 650-249-3169 to schedule a consultation with our experienced San Francisco, San Mateo and San Jose plastic surgeons.

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Candidacy for TG hair restoration at a glance:

The NeoGraft technique may be ideal if you…

  • Are in good health physically and mentally
  • Have reasonable expectations for improvement rather than perfection
  • Have mild to moderate hair loss
  • Have adequate donor hair available at the back of the head
Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | TG Hair Transplant

Creating a Feminine Hairline with Hair Restoration

As a male to female transgender patient, you may have come a long way in creating an appearance that more accurately reflects your gender identity. Although there are many surgical feminization procedures of the face and body, one area that can be overlooked is the hair and hairline. Hormone therapy and other treatments may have halted any hair loss you were experiencing, but that will not replace the hair. With hair restoration using NeoGraft, our team can provide you with the full, feminine hair you want.

Like all of our feminization procedures and treatments, hair restoration results will be tailored to your unique facial features and cosmetic goals. For the MTF transgender patient, hair can't be indiscriminately transplanted to restore the way your hair looked as a man. Instead, our team will enhance feminine hair features like a lower hairline, while still creating results that enhance your unique appearance. We never perform cookie cutter feminization procedures that create a female ideal, instead, we provide you with the feminizing results that allow you to look your most beautiful. Another benefit of this hair restoration technique is that it can conceal the scars of a forehead feminization procedure.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | TG Hair Transplant

Advantages of NeoGraft Hair Restoration

NeoGraft is known as a "follicular unit extraction" method, or FUE. This technique removes individual hair follicles one by one, with a punching approach. This is different than the "follicular unit transportation" method, or FUT, which removes an entire strip of the scalp. The FUT method is a good option for some people, but it has a longer recovery and leaves a more noticeable scar on your head. Comparatively, some of the advantages of NeoGraft and the FUE method include:

  • Full, thick hair
  • Less downtime
  • Minimally invasive
  • No scar
  • No sutures or staples
  • No numbness
  • Optimally natural looking results

During this hair restoration method, individual follicles of hair are removed using pneumatic pressure and then transplanted into areas of baldness. Typically the follicles are taken from hair on the back of the head, and can then be implanted into the hairline, bald spot or wherever your hair is thinning.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | TG Hair Transplant

How long will results last?

A few weeks after your hair restoration, the transplanted hair will shed, but the follicles will begin to grow their own hair after about 3 months. Once the hair starts growing on its own, your results should be more or less permanent. It is not uncommon to need re-treatments as you grow older.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | TG Hair Transplant

Why should I choose Dr. Beck and his team for my hair restoration procedure?

Dr. Beck and his team have considerable experience in facial feminization and can create a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses not only the scalp, but all the other features as well. In addition to superior hair grafting results, they offer stunning rhinoplasty, chin and jaw surgery, Adam’s apple reduction, cheek feminization as well as many non-surgical dermal filler treatments.

Despite its seemingly simple process, hair restoration is a painstaking endeavor, requiring meticulous attention to detail, refined artistic sensibilities and impeccable surgical skill to create a result that appears organic and convincing. Our team has undergone decades of training, fellowships and residencies in a variety of demanding specializations, honing our eyes for anatomical balance and establishing his reputation as one of the most trusted names in the San Mateo/San Francisco area for craniofacial procedures and feminization treatments.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | TG Hair Transplant

What is my next step?

You will meet with one of our surgeons for a private consultation in the comfort of our Bay Area offices where the two of you will embark on a frank exploration of options for hair regrowth. Our team will examine your scalp, assess prior attempts at hair restoration, and create a personalized plan for your aesthetic journey.

Most clients find that our team is very easy to talk to. We strives to listen and learn about our patients wishes, rather than impose our ideas or preferences on others. Our team is also adamant about patient education, providing each client with a wealth of resources and knowledge so that they can make the best decisions possible.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | TG Hair Transplant

Where is NeoGraft hair restoration performed?

Your feminization treatment takes place at the tranquil, discreet San Mateo Surgery Center, an outpatient facility that provides the same world class equipment, accreditation, care and safety as a hospital, but without the high costs, lack of privacy and inconveniences. From its comfortable, climate-controlled reception areas to its soothing and serene recovery suites, the San Mateo Surgery Center promotes optimal healing in a pleasant and patient-centric setting.

Our Team

We are in the habit of surrounding ourselves with only the most qualified, compassionate team members, all of whom are board certified and leaders in their individual fields. From your anesthesiologist to your RN, each medical professional you encounter is dedicated to ensuring you have the most productive, rewarding and relaxing experience possible. If you have any special requests or unusual needs, do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.

If you are interested in hair restoration to complete your feminization journey and results, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. We serve the areas of San Francisco, San Mateo and San Jose.

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