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A customized approach

When viewed from a surgical standpoint, the differences between male and female physical features come down to a matter of mathematical proportions. However, idealized anatomical ratios must be modified to fuse with a patient’s existing attributes so that the aesthetic outcome appears natural, innate. This type of complexity, precision and mastery of the human form are key qualities that distinguish a transgender surgeon’s ability in performing feminizing or masculinizing procedures. What’s more, there is no “correct” way to look either feminine or masculine; these choices are decided according to a patient’s individual wishes and sensibilities. What one person finds attractive, another may balk at.

Dr. Beck has spent his career honing his skill in refined plastic surgery and craniofacial techniques that serve to emancipate authenticity and self-expression for all his clients, whether transgender or cisgender. While Dr. Beck is dedicated to assisting his transitioning patients in all ways possible, his unflinching integrity demands that he will never pressure or try to upsell a client. If he does not believe that a certain procedure is in the client’s best interest, either medically or cosmetically, he will offer a viable alternative and explain his reasoning in depth.

Transgender Surgeon | Best Transgender Surgeon Bay Area

A multifaceted background

Dr. Beck completed his first surgical residency at the University of California, Davis in 1999, followed by a prestigious fellowship in burn surgery research the following year. He then pursued two additional residencies in craniofacial and reconstructive techniques at the University of Mississippi in 2003. These specialized concentrations give Dr. Beck a nuanced grasp of the human body, both functionally and from a cosmetic standpoint, which translates into a competitive advantage in the field of plastic surgery.

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Beck is also a member of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Medical Association, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American College of Surgeons.

Transgender Surgeon | Best Transgender Surgeon Bay Area

Communication is key

In addition to impeccable credentials, approachability, discretion and kindness are also qualities that transgender clients value highly in a physician. Dr. Beck can humbly lay claim to these traits and many more, as is evidenced by his growing rolodex of repeat patients who consider Dr. Beck’s office a second home for all their plastic surgery needs. Most patients find it easy to be themselves around Dr. Beck, and this is immensely helpful in achieving excellent results. If you can’t communicate your needs and expectations to your San Francisco transgender surgeon, your surgical outcomes will reflect this disconnect.

Transgender Surgeon | Best Transgender Surgeon Bay Area

World-class facilities

Dr. Beck is a respected and well-known transgender surgeon in the San Mateo and San Francisco areas with access to a variety of hospitals and clinical settings. He has chosen the AAAASF-accredited San Mateo Surgery Center, however, because it affords his transgender clients a coveted sense of privacy and convenience.

Patients will find the peaceful atmosphere conducive to healing from the moment they enter the premises. Each client is greeted by a friendly, down-to-earth staff member who truly loves their job. Dr. Beck has assembled an incredible team of qualified, board certified nurses, anesthesiologists, technicians and medical assistants, all of whom are finely tuned and attentive to your needs, both during your stay and beyond.

The San Mateo Surgery Center is a hub for advanced, groundbreaking technology designed specifically with the transgender client in mind. Dr. Beck makes a point of attending industry events, seminars and symposiums to constantly learn more about transgender procedures. He is always eager to bring these new developments to his practice, especially when they result in less discomfort, downtime and surgical time for his clients.


Dr. Beck is aware of the urgency many transgender clients face once they have made the decision to move forward with plastic surgery. It can often be challenging to find the financial resources to pay for surgery that feels indispensable, especially in cases where insurance companies refuse to authorize treatment.

However, you will find that Dr. Beck has a number of options in place that can help to make your vision a reality. To learn more, please call our office so that we can help you get the necessary paperwork started. Don’t let financial matters stand in the way of materializing your authentic self.

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