Face Lift Surgery

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Who is a candidate for a facelift?

San Jose Facelift - Dr Joel BeckFaces age in many different ways and at different rates. Today, there are a myriad of facial rejuvenation paths available to you, both surgical and non surgical. Sometimes a combination of procedures is necessary to achieve the results you desire. A pure facelift (beneath the eyes to the neck) is indicated if you are noticing sagging, hollowing, or sinking of your face. Loss of elasticity and definition, puffiness, and deep lines and folds can also be corrected through facelift surgery.

Beautiful, natural looking results have replaced the tight, expressionless, "overhaul" looks of years past. Patients from mid forties well into their seventies can benefit from new facelift techniques.

How is a facelift done?

A facelift is most commonly performed under general anesthesia. It is a very detailed operation and specifically tailored to your desires. The most successful facelifts involves more than what many visualize as pulling and tightening. Techniques in suspending, plumping, resurfacing and sculpting are artfully applied. It addresses layers beneath the skin. Achieving the best overall look sometimes dictates a combination of procedures be performed. See Other Options below.

Incisions are carefully made inside the hairline and around the curve of the ear. These incisions are precisely placed to allow the surgeon to visualize your underlying facial structure and fat deposits. Repositioning, redistributing and reshaping are the three key elements of returning you to a more rested, youthful appearance. The final step is to drape the skin over the newly sculpted foundation and reducing just the right amount of excess skin—a critical part of the surgery in avoiding the "tight" look. Incisions are closed using a combination of stitches, staples or skin adhesives.

Recuperation from Facelift Surgery

Immediately following surgery you may experience swelling, bruising and numbness. Your head will be wrapped in bandages with or without a compression garment. A compression garment, if necessary will support tissues during initial healing and reduce swelling. You may have drainage tubes at the incision sites. You may be uncomfortable, but there is no severe pain associated with a facelift. We recommend an overnight stay at the Recovery Care Inn facility for supervised care, located at Mills Hospital in San Mateo. Medication and resting upright will help. You will need help the first couple of days as you begin to heal. Dr. Beck will see you the first, third and seventh day after your facelift.

Your stitches will be removed at one week. Be mindful of protecting your skin from the sun. In three to four weeks swelling and bruising should be gone, but it could take up to 2 months to be completely healed. Post operative use of the herbal supplement, arnica and vitamin K are useful in counteracting swelling and bruising. You will be able to resume routine activities in 10 to 14 days.

Other Facial Rejuvenation Options

Dr. Joel Beck is a talented neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty surgeon. Patients may combine lip augmentation or Botox injections with surgical rejuvenation for a more dramatic transformation.  Dr. Beck also offers laser skin rejuvenation for an improvement in the tone and texture of the skin.


A word about financing facelifts…
Facelifts can be made very affordable through our partners at Care Credit. Visit them at www.carecredit.com. Deborah would be happy to answer any of your questions or assist you with the necessary paperwork.

Insurance Notes:
A facelift is considered a purely aesthetic procedure and as such is not covered by insurance.


Board certified in Plastic Surgery, Dr. Joel Beck brings the highest standards of integrity and medical excellence to helping clients enhance the natural beauty of their body, breast, face and skin. His surgical expertise, aesthetic sensibility and sound judgment have earned him an international reputation for providing patients with fresh, natural looking results.