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Transgender Surgery

It’s who you were supposed to be, and at Bay Area Aesthetic, we are on board. Whether FTM or MTF, Dr. Beck has the expertise necessary to perform procedures that restore who you really are.

Body Feminization

Prominent hips, an hourglass figure, supple breasts, and a round butt are all part of the feminine appearance. Let us help you get there, with individualized surgical procedures to create feminine excellence.

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Facial Feminization

At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Beck and our entire cosmetic team are dedicated to helping you achieve the outer feminine appearance that reflects your inner gender identity.

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Becoming the man you were meant to be is not hard on the inside, but on the outside it takes just a bit of work. Below are the primary procedures in masculinization.

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Your Journey

Cosmetic surgery is elective surgery. It is highly personal and should not be taken lightly. The good news is you have time to make the best decision possible for you. Once you decide to have surgery, the next step is to choose a doctor.

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We offer our patients plenty of educational resources, allowing them to glean as much as possible about the complex field of plastic surgery. If you wish to learn more, please call our office for details.

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Why Choose Dr. Beck?

When viewed from a surgical standpoint, the differences between male and female physical features come down to a matter of mathematical proportions. However, idealized anatomical ratios must be modified to fuse with a patient’s existing attributes so that the aesthetic outcome appears natural, innate.

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Our patient testimonials are a true testament to Dr. Beck’s diligence and results. Feel free to browse what our happy patients have had to say.

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