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Coolsculpting San Francisco, CA

Until recently, the idea of non-invasive fat reduction seemed impossible. Most fat reduction techniques, such as liposuction, involved incisions and anesthesia. However, CoolSculpting allows you to remove targeted pockets of fat tissues from your body without surgeries, incisions, or anesthesia. Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery has board-certified plastic surgeons specializing in the most effective CoolSculpting techniques in San Francisco for fat reduction and body sculpting.

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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting in San Francisco is a non-surgical and non-invasive fat reduction technique that avoids needles, incisions, and anesthesia. The procedure involves using advanced cooling systems to freeze and subsequently eliminate the stubborn subcutaneous fat tissues just under the skin’s surface. The unwanted fat pockets are removed, giving you a more contoured appearance. CoolSculpting concludes within an hour with no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.

Coolsculpting  San Fransisco| Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

CoolSculpting treats:

  • Unwanted subcutaneous fat under the skin’s surface.

CoolSculpting treatment areas include:

  • Chin and neck
  • Bra and back fat
  • Upper arms
  • Flanks or love handles
  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Banana rolls under the buttocks

The benefits of CoolSculpting include:

  • It’s a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure
  • Causes no pain or discomfort
  • Performed without incisions or anesthesia
  • Minimal and temporary side effects
  • Negligible risk of complications
  • Approved by the FDA
  • Ideal for targeted fat removal
  • Procedure concludes within an hour
  • No downtime after the procedure

How does CoolSculpting work?

CoolSculpting is based on the science of cryolipolysis, i.e., the unwanted fat tissues are broken down through exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Fat cells are incapable of surviving extremely cold temperatures. The CoolSculpting procedure cools the unwanted fat tissues until they die and get absorbed by the body. The digested fat cells are directed into the lymphatic system and subsequently expelled as waste. Consequently, the targeted areas look contoured and sculpted.

Am I the right candidate for CoolSculpting?

You’re the right candidate for CoolSculpting in San Francisco if you have unwanted pockets of fat in your abdomen, arms, chin, thighs, flanks, buttocks, or other regions. CoolSculpting can only remove small amounts of subcutaneous fat cells just underneath the skin’s surface. It’s not a weight-loss procedure. As such, CoolSculpting is only meant for patients close to their ideal body weight. Furthermore, you might not be right for CoolSculpting if you have a history of Raynaud’s disease, i.e., extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures.

How do I move forward with CoolSculpting?

If you want to proceed with CoolSculpting in San Francisco, you can schedule a consultation with the board-certified experts at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery. Our cosmetic providers will examine your treatment areas, discuss your goals, review your medical history, and curate the ideal CoolSculpting treatment plan based on your specific needs and goals. The procedure is eventually performed at our AAAASF-accredited San Mateo Surgery Center on an outpatient basis.

What can I expect during CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an in-office and outpatient procedure that concludes within an hour or two, depending on the treatment areas. The doctor applies a gel pad and applicator to the strategically chosen treatment areas. The applicator, when activated, cools the subcutaneous fat tissues while generating a suction force. You might feel pulling and pinching sensations as the applicator moves around the targeted areas, but there’s no pain. Once all the targeted areas are addressed, the provider massages the regions to break the frozen fat cells. Over time, the fat cells will get absorbed by the body.

What can I expect after CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a safe procedure with a negligible risk of complications and minimal side effects. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately without downtime. You might experience mild redness and soreness, but the side effects dissipate in a few weeks.

What kind of results can I expect?

Most patients start seeing the results after three weeks, with continued improvements over the next couple of months. It might take up to six months for all the unwanted fat cells to be flushed out of your system. Some of the treatment areas may necessitate multiple sessions for optimal results. Your cosmetic provider will recommend the ideal treatment frequency and follow-up sessions, if necessary.

Why choose Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery for CoolSculpting?

Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery is a state-of-the-art and AAAASF-accredited surgical center led by an incredibly talented team of board-certified plastic surgeons. We carefully examine the treatment areas and curate treatment plans that address your specific goals and concerns, ensuring optimal and naturalized results without downtime. Please schedule a consultation online or call us at 650-249-3169 to discuss your CoolSculpting in San Francisco.

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