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Brow Lift in San Francisco

The brows display among the most prominent signs of age and stress. A brow lift is a simple surgical procedure designed to unfurrow the brow, restoring youth and peace to your appearance.

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Who is a candidate for forehead/brow lift?

ForeheadBoth age and heredity can play a role in the shape and proportion of your upper and lower lids. Indications for eyelid surgery include upper eyelid overhang or droops, puffiness or "pillows" under the lower lid. Extra skin may obscure the natural eyelid and cleft between lid and brow creating a hooded appearance. Eyes may turn down and look sad and frown lines may exist between the brows.

Smokers are not good candidates. A thin or receding hairline may require special techniques in order to hide the scars and still get a good result.

Brow Lift San Francisco | Brow Lift San Jose

How is it done?

In its basic form, a forehead or brow lift repositions the muscles of the forehead thereby raising the brow line. Think of it as a permanent form of Botox. If the tissues between the brows and eyebrow have sagged to the same level, a forehead lift is indicated. By elevating and tightening the eyebrows, forehead skin and associated muscles, a more youthful and alert expression is created. As a byproduct, frown lines and forehead creases mildly improve. However, if the brow is "over elevated" the patient could have a permanently "surprised" look that is not easily corrected.

There are two alternative techniques used to accomplish the lift. One technique involves a long horizontal incision at the hairline or further back depending upon forehead height and scalp hair density. The second technique is endoscopic where three small incisions are made for a scope to guide microsurgical instruments to the target area-similar to arthroscopic surgery. There is a "temporal lift" that corrects only outer, lateral eyebrow drop. That is performed through an incision at or behind the temple hairline, above the ear. Muscles are elevated and secured through the use of undetectable permanent sutures, tacks or a Velcro-like device.

The type of technique used is dictated by the amount of excess skin present. Endoscopic is used when little excess skin is present. Coronal is used when excess sagging skin must be trimmed and redraped. A skilled surgeon can make the underlying muscle corrections and tighten the skin without obvious scars.

Our San Francisco forehead and eyebrow lifts are done on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia.


You will awaken with a head wrap or compression garment following your surgery. This will be removed after one or two days. Most patients find that keeping their head elevated and using cold compresses reduces swelling and discomfort. Normal activities can resume after 7 days providing there are no complications. Stitches or staples are usually removed within 10 days. You may notice some temporary asymmetry at the hairline or thinning hair at the incision sites but these are temporary.

Brow Lift San Francisco | Brow Lift San Jose

Other Options

Facelift, Eyelid lift, Laser resurfacing

A word about financing…

Forehead or Brow lifts can be made very affordable through our partners at CareCredit. Visit them at www.carecredit.com.We would be happy to answer any of your questions or assist you with the necessary paperwork.

Insurance Notes:

A forehead or brow lift is considered purely aesthetic and as such is not covered by insurance.

Ask Our Team

Q:What is the difference between endoscopic and coronal techniques?

A:In endoscopic technique, there are tiny incisions made where a scope can be guided for microsurgical correction similar to colonoscopy or arthroscopy. This gives a surgeon a bit more control over the final result. This technique gets the best results when no excess sagging skin is present. A coronal lift is hidden inside the hairline and crosses the scalp. Great results can be achieved and excess skin is eliminated, but the scarring and amount of lift is left to the surgeon’s skill so be sure you are confident in his or her experience level.

Q:Does a brow lift look better if my eyelids are done at the same time?

A:These two surgeries often done in tandem for the best overall result. It depends on degree of improvement you expect with just one of the procedures. Your consultation and imaging session should bring clarity to your particular situation.

Q:I heard that patients could get the same results non-surgically with something called CO2.

A:Ablative laser resurfacing of the forehead can tighten mild or moderately sagging skin and eliminate expression lines. The CO2 laser you are talking about actually removes the upper layers of skin. It is widely used for forehead lines, crow’s feet and to smooth smile lines. It can refine a surgical procedure but cannot presume to take the place of one. Recovery time is significant as the skin heals—redness may take weeks to fade. Your skin will be ultra sensitive for up to a year.

Our team of surgeons understand that the best facial rejuvenation results are achieved through procedure combinations. This is why we offer an array of treatments, including facelift, neck lift, eyelid surgery and brow lift in San Francisco. Please contact our offices to learn more about these sophisticated treatments.

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