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FTM Top Surgery

While plastic surgery was once primarily the domain of elite celebrities or the injured in need of reconstruction, today it is a vital and compelling tool used to express our most authentic selves, readily available to anyone who wishes to better align their outer appearance with their most cherished aesthetic ideals.

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FTM Top Surgery San Francisco | Transgender Surgeon

What is FTM top surgery?

For transmen seeking to reshape the chest, top surgery represents a dynamic, results-oriented solution that offers not only a more traditionally masculine profile, but the self-confidence and social assurance that comes from feeling at home in one’s skin. During a FTM top surgery, the breast tissue is excised through a bilateral mastectomy, while the nipples and areola complexes are repositioned.

FTM Top Surgery San Francisco | Transgender Surgeon

Determining candidacy for top surgery

The best candidates for transgender mastectomy…

  • are at least 18 years old
  • are physically and mentally in excellent health
  • desire a conventionally masculine physique
  • are at or within reach of their ideal body weight
  • desire full chest reconstruction rather than breast reduction
  • have tried breast reduction and found it was not dramatic enough to meet their aesthetic goals
  • are non-smokers
  • have realistic expectations for their outcomes
  • are looking to complement hormone therapy and/or facial masculinization procedures
  • are fully informed of possible risks, complications and side effects
FTM Top Surgery San Francisco | Transgender Surgeon

Why choose Dr. Beck and his team for top surgery?

For transgender clients transitioning from female to male, working with a qualified, discreet and compassionate surgeons such as Dr. Joel Beck and his team is a must, as getting the best results depends a great deal on communication, trust and confidence in your physician’s skill. As practitioners with an extensive background in reconstructive surgery – one of the most demanding and exacting areas of cosmetic science – our team excels at San Francisco FTM top surgery procedures, which require scrupulous precision coupled with the sophisticated eye of a true artist.

We are committed to a minimally invasive approach that seeks to preserve nipple sensation while still achieving a dramatic change in contour. This approach is achieved through the appropriate placement of incisions, and with a focus on tailoring each surgery to the client’s unique anatomy, thus reducing any unnecessary downtime and discomfort.

In addition, our team of surgeons have surrounded themselves with some of the most outstanding support staff in the industry. Our experienced team is board certified, friendly, attentive and down-to-earth, always on hand around the clock to ensure your experience is as rewarding and productive as you had hoped.

FTM Top Surgery San Francisco | Transgender Surgeon

What can I expect from top surgery?

Procedures take place at the accredited outpatient San Mateo Surgery Center, known for its privacy and tranquility, along with world class facilities and state-of-the-art technology. Top surgery usually takes 1-3 hours to complete, and is performed under general anesthesia.

FTM Top Surgery San Francisco | Transgender Surgeon

Types of Incisions

When the FTM client has less breast tissue to remove, a circumareolar incision may be chosen, outlining the nipple which will nicely camouflage any scarring. With this type of incision, the excess fat and tissue is often vacuumed out via liposuction through a cannula. Liposuction can also be performed through incisions made near the armpits.

In cases where the client has an abundant amount of breast tissue to remove, your surgeon may choose an anchor-shaped incision starting at the areola and continuing down along the breast crease, where scars are the most inconspicuous. During this method, a scalpel is used to excise tissue rather than a cannula.

As mentioned earlier, preserving sensation in the nipples is a primary goal for our team, and we will adjust his methods accordingly.

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