A total of 223,018 rhinoplasties were performed in the U.S. in 2016. This is why our San Francisco plastic surgeons, Dr. Liu and his team, have made it a point to become well-versed in the various caveats, specializations and intricacies of rhinoplasties whether it is due to a female nose, ethnic nose, or a male nose. It is for these reasons that you can rely on our team to provide among some of the best rhinoplasty San Francisco can offer.

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery of the nose, performed to correct functional problems affecting the patient’s breathing, while simultaneously improving the aesthetic appearance of the nose. There are subtle differences between nasal surgery performed on women (female rhinoplasty) and rhinoplasty performed on men, as any imperfection in the nose can detract dramatically from a woman’s feminine appearance. Our team at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery performs female rhinoplasty with precision, artistry, and skill, creating beautiful, natural-looking results for his patients.

Differences in the Female Anatomy

The female nose is generally smaller, less prominent, more delicate, and more defined than the male nose. These are important distinctions to keep in mind when performing a female rhinoplasty versus a male rhinoplasty. The bridge of the nose tends to be lower in women and the mid-nose tends to be narrower. A woman’s nose may be slightly shorter than a man’s, and many women prefer a supratip break – a subtle indentation along the bridge of the nose just above the tip – to give the nose a more feminine appearance.

Aesthetic Differences in Female Rhinoplasty

Between women and men, there are vastly different concepts of the ideal nose as an aesthetic goal of rhinoplasty. While most men want a powerful, more prominent nose with distinctive features, many women prefer a petite nose with a slightly upward rotated tip. However, times are changing, and the ideal female nose is straighter and longer today than it was in the past. Some women undergoing female rhinoplasty opt for a more natural look with a longer nose and subtle dorsal hump.

There is a fine line between a pretty nose and an overdone nose. Our team has a critical eye for balance and symmetry, and our goal is always a natural appearance in female rhinoplasty and any cosmetic plastic surgery procedure we perform. The nose is the central feature of the face and should blend with the other features to create holistic, natural beauty – not call attention to itself. Successful female rhinoplasty is performed to improve the appearance of the entire face.

Why Women Choose Female Rhinoplasty

There are a number of reasons why a woman may elect to have a “nose job.” Correcting functional problems that cause breathing difficulties, such as a deviated septum, is one very important reason. Many women also choose female rhinoplasty for the purpose of improving their appearance. The nose is centrally located on the face, bridging the gap between the smile and the eyes, and many women simply want a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing profile or front-facing appearance.

Aesthetic perspectives vary from person to person. Women undergo female rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of a nose, correcting a variety of cosmetic issues, including:

  • Too large
  • Too small
  • Too pointy
  • Crooked
  • Bulbous
  • Drooping at the tip
  • Too wide
  • Too narrow
  • Too upturned
  • Nostrils too wide or narrow
  • Bump on the bridge of the nose

Any of these cosmetic problems can contribute to an unbalanced facial appearance in which the features do not complement one other as well as they might. Dr. Liu and his team perform a custom-tailored female rhinoplasty procedure for each patient, carefully considering the patient’s unique anatomy, ethnicity, and aesthetic goals. Be sure to talk to our team about any concerns about maintaining the ethnic appearance of your nose as well. We are accustomed to operating on a diverse group of patients, so we have come to refine our techniques in order to provide among some of the best results from ethnic rhinoplasty San Francisco can rely on.

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Female Rhinoplasty Benefits

Undergoing female rhinoplasty is a personal decision that should not be made hastily or lightly. However, many of our patients report that, after a nose job performed by our team, their confidence has been boosted, which enables them to enjoy a better quality of life. Female rhinoplasty can have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Reduced nasal bump
  • More refined look to the nose
  • Nose length in proportion to the shape of the face
  • Harmonious facial appearance
  • Increased personal confidence

When a woman is not happy with the appearance of her nose, if can detract from her self-confidence and enjoyment of life. Improving the appearance of the nose can enhance the natural beauty of the entire face. Dr. Liu and his team at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery perform female rhinoplasty with artistry and skill and careful attention to your aesthetic preferences and ethnicity, to help you realize your most beautiful self.

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