Our San Francisco transgender surgery for breast enhancement is performed under general anesthesia and takes approximately 2 hours. It takes place at the San Mateo Surgery Center, an accredited outpatient facility housing technologically advanced healthcare solutions in a private, convenient setting.

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Am I a good candidate for MTF breast augmentation?

In general, ideal candidates for the procedure …

  • Are in good health physically and mentally, with no major medical issues such as diabetes, hypertension, bleeding disorders, or cancer
  • Are aware that improvement rather than perfection is the likely outcome of their surgery
  • Are non-smokers, or are willing to quit prior to surgery
  • Are at a normal weight for their frame/not obese
  • Are not planning major weight loss or gain
  • Have begun hormone therapy yet are still desirous of a larger breast size
  • Are at least 18 years old

The importance of selecting a qualified plastic surgeon for transgender surgery

With more and more surgeons offering TG procedures to capitalize on growing cosmetic trends, it’s important to choose a practitioner who not only possess the highest standards of educational and professional accreditation, but one whose integrity places the clients’ best interests above all else.

Our team has received board certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has completed a series of rigorous and demanding residencies in craniofacial, reconstructive and burn surgery. In addition, they are known for their commitment to patient rights, advocating for the safety and well-being of all his clients, whether transgender or cisgender.

The MTF Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast feminization involves several different options that will be customized to create the final aesthetic result you expect. Your MTF breast augmentation in San Francisco options include:

  • Saline, gummy bear or silicone breast implants
  • Breast implant size
  • Breast implant shape
  • Breast implant texture
  • Breast implant placement – Implants can be placed below the breast tissue but above the pectoral muscles (subglandular placement) or they can be inserted above the chest wall but beneath the pectoral muscles (submuscular placement).
  • Breast implant incision locations – Incisions can be made within the inframammary folds (breast creases), within the areola complexes, or within the armpits.

You and your surgeon will discuss all of these options and plan your personalized breast augmentation procedure.

Most male-to-female transgender patients have breast feminization surgery after undergoing hormone therapy for some time. By taking hormones, you will begin developing breasts.

Your breasts can then be enhanced with breast implants, once you have enough breast tissue to encapsulate and conceal the breast implant.In cases where hormone therapy has failed to produce the appropriate amount of breast tissue to cover the implants, we can utilize a tissue expander to stretch the chest’s skin layers until they are of adequate surface area. This is normally only done when a patient desires a C or D cup.

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Your MTF Breast Feminization Results

Although taking synthetic hormones can create the appearance of female breasts, MTF breast augmentation can further enhance your breasts by:

  • Increasing size
  • Creating breast symmetry
  • Enhancing breast projection and cleavage
  • Improving nipple shape
  • Enhancing overall breast appearance


After surgery is complete, you will be furnished with a compression garment to maximize healing and reduce swelling in the chest area. Scars will appear more prominent at first, but will eventually fade within 2-3 months post-op. Soreness, bruising and discomfort go with the territory, and can be easily combatted with pain medications supplied by our team.

Most clients can return to work and normal routines within 7-10 days, although it’s advisable to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for at least six weeks. Patients can benefit from enlisting the help of a friend, family member or paid assistant to take on household chores and/or childcare for the first stage of recovery.

Getting Started

As plastic surgeons experienced in breast augmentation for male to female transgender patients, Dr. Liu and his team are committed to achieving the breast feminization results that are right for your body frame, your goals, and your breast and chest measurements. They provide a personalized consultation and exam so you can discuss your breast augmentation options, and then they can recommend a custom surgical plan for you. Breast feminization is all about giving you a way to achieve the confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction that comes with having the feminine breast shape and size you desire.

During your initial confidential consultation, our team will examine your anatomy, go over prior surgeries, scan your medical history, and review before and after photographs of transgender patients with similar aesthetic goals. Our team also offers advanced 3D imaging software by VECTRA that can help you visualize your outcome virtually. Lastly, we can provide you with a variety of implant samples to place within your bra or blouse, as this can help you better determine the best fit for your needs.

Schedule A Consultation

To find out if you are a candidate in the Bay Area for MTF breast augmentation, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation for arguably the best transgender surgery San Francisco has to offer.

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 During a breast augmentation consultation for male to female surgery, one of our experienced San Francisco plastic surgeons can discuss breast feminization surgery with you, and whether the procedure can produce the results you want. Please call Bay Area Feminization Surgery at 650-249-3169 to learn more about our San Francisco male breast augmentation surgery and schedule a consultation today.

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