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Post Bariatric Body Lift

Post-bariatric body contouring surgery, often referred to as body lift, is an effective cosmetic procedure that involves the removal and tightening of excess skin following massive weight loss. Dr. Beck and his team are experienced Bay Area plastic surgeons who understand the unique needs of each post-bariatric body lift patient. Our team works to address a wide range of aesthetic concerns and often combine a series of body lift procedures, including lower body lift and/or upper body lift. A lower body lift (belt lipectomy) often involves the abdomen, the buttocks, the thighs and back, while an upper body lift is used to contour the breasts, chest and middle back areas.

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Who is a candidate for post-bariatric body lift surgery?

The most suitable candidates for a post-bariatric body lift are patients who have recently lost massive amounts of weight following gastric bypass, Lap-Band and/or similar weight loss procedures. However, a post-bariatric body lift is most effective when performed on patients who have been able to adopt a healthy lifestyle following weight loss surgery and have managed to maintain their desired body weight for at least three to six months. In addition, patients who may have lost weight through dieting and exercise and are now left with stretched out, excess skin often undergo body lift surgery in San Francisco.

Post-bariatric Body Lift | Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

How is post-bariatric body contouring performed?

Post-bariatric body lift can be performed as one surgery or broken up into a series of procedures, depending on each patient’s desires, time frame and/or health risks. The surgery can last several hours and is performed under general anesthesia.

A lower body lift involves a belt-like incision that your surgeon can utilize to reshape the buttocks, thighs and the tummy. Next, we may make an additional incision along the pubic area, which allows us to further tighten loose skin and/or remove any remaining fat using the liposuction technique.

An upper body lift typically involves one incision along the bra line, through which your surgeon has the ability to tighten the skin and muscle in the middle back area and perform a breast lift procedure when necessary.


A full post-bariatric body lift is a major, complex procedure that requires significant recuperation time. Most patients who undergo post-bariatric body lift stay at the Recovery Care Inn in San Mateo, an overnight surgical facility, where they can be closely monitored by their plastic surgeon and experienced medical staff. Swelling, bruising and discomfort are often associated with post-bariatric body lift surgery, as well as drainage tubes, which are usually removed two weeks following the procedure. Most San Jose / San Francisco body lift patients are able to return to work four to six weeks after surgery, with full recuperation time at two to three months.

Post-bariatric Body Lift | Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

Other Options

Post-bariatric body lift surgery may also be combined with arm lift, inner thigh lift, as well as neck lift, face lift and breast augmentation procedures. Dr. Beck and his team, who have helped a number of plastic surgery patients achieve a stunning body physique following bariatric surgery, are one of the best cosmetic specialists to talk to about your specific appearance enhancement desires.

A word about financing…

Post-bariatric body lift surgery in San Mateo / San Jose can be made very affordable through our partners at CareCredit. Visit them at www.carecredit.com. Jasmine would be happy to answer any of your questions or assist you with the necessary paperwork.

Insurance Notes:

Post-bariatric body lift is usually considered an aesthetic procedure and as such is not covered by insurance. Jasmine would be happy to assist you with any pre-certification if your insurance covers the procedure.

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