A small or receding chin will make the nose appear larger and out of proportion with your other features. Thankfully, modern plastic surgery procedures make it possible to you to improve what nature gave you. Chin augmentation surgery, or “mentoplasty,” can create a harmonious facial balance.

Should I get a Chin Implant?

If you are unhappy with your facial appearance, you may be a candidate for one of the best chin augmentation surgery San Francisco has to offer. This procedure is often the best solution to resolve the following facial flaws:

  • Receding chin
  • Weak chin
  • Unbalanced features
  • Short chin
  • Narrow chin
  • Nose that appears overlarge due to facial imbalance

How Does Chin Augmentation Surgery Work?

Dr. Liu and his team are board certified plastic surgeons who have garnered a reputation for creating beautiful, natural-looking results in facial enhancement procedures, including chin augmentation surgery. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your chin, the first step is a consultation to determine how to best approach this aesthetic enhancement. At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, we offer advanced digital imaging technology that allows you to see what could be achieved with a chin implant – or “try it on” to assist in making a decision. In many cases, chin augmentation and rhinoplasty (nose job) are both performed to create the facial balance that says “beauty.

Our San Francisco chin augmentation surgery is performed as an out-patient procedure while you are under general anesthetic. It involves placing the perfect silicone implant through a small incision under the chin, or through the mouth, and placing it over the bone in your lower jaw, secured in a surgically-created pocket.

Implants are constructed out of silicone or other advanced materials that have a flexible, rubber-like consistency that is biologically inert – and will not disintegrate or change in shape for many decades.

Recovery from Chin Implant Surgery

Although the surgical procedure is not long in duration, typically about an hour, you will need adequate time after the procedure to rest and heal. You will have bandages and splints which will remain in place for about several days. You will be restricted in about five to seven days. Chin augmentation surgery is less likely to leave patients with excessive bruising, although some swelling is a normal body reaction. Ensure you set aside enough time for the healing process, and follow the post-operative directions carefully. The procedure ordinarily does not involve a lot of post-op pain, and pain medication is usually unnecessary after the first few days.

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A Clean, Strong Jawline for Facial Enhancement

The jawline is an important facial feature. When the appearance of that line is clean and strong, the overall facial appearance can be dramatically enhanced, and more attractive.

The size and shape of the implant is a very important aspect in your procedure. Various sizes and shapes are available to address specific facial imperfections. You may want a wider chin, a more prominent chin, or the jawline needs to needs definition.

Every individual has a unique situation, and a full examination is the first step in the process. If you have dreamed of having a clean, strong jawline that appears natural, meet with us for a consultation. Our facial rejuvenation and enhancement procedures are performed with the most stringent patient safety protocols.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

Not all surgeons who perform chin implant surgery have an equal level of training and experience. Board Certification from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is an important issue – the standards for certification are high. To achieve certification, at least six years of surgical training and a minimum of three years of plastic surgery residency are required. Dr. Liu and his team perform every surgical procedure with an eye for beauty, and surgical skill that go above and beyond the ordinary.

They focus on creating facial balance, harmony, and enhancing your natural beauty. Your face is your calling card, and your chin can signal beauty, even when nature didn’t bless you with a perfect profile. If you are considering chin implant surgery, you want to ensure that the outcome of surgery is how you envision, and we can help.

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We invite you to visit us for a private consultation about chin augmentation surgery. You can expect to be treated with respect, kindness, compassion, and the highest level of professionalism and discretion. You will be able to “try on” the results of surgery with our VECTRA 3D imaging system. Call now to schedule your consultation, or reach out to us through our online form.

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