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Fillers and Injectables for Facial Feminization

Your facial appearance is an important part of your gender expression. Facial feminization surgery is about allowing you to be your authentic self more confidently. As a transgender woman, you may be looking for noninvasive options that allow you to highlight those feminine facial qualities you already have, rejuvenate a more youthful facial appearance and create a softer, less angular facial shape. The goal of our transgender facial surgery team is to help you find those options that work best for your unique beauty and appearance, and not simply recommend cookie-cutter results – we want your positive feelings about your appearance to be revitalized by the results our team produces.

To schedule a consultation with our team in the Bay Area, please call our office at 650-249-3169.

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Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Facial Injectables

Injectables and Fillers for Facial Feminization

Bay Area Feminization Surgery features a wide array of feminizing and revitalizing injectables and dermal fillers:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic
  • Bellafill® (formerly Artefill)
  • Restylane® and Perlane
  • Juvederm™
  • Radiesse™
  • Sculptra®

Injectables and fillers are completely non-surgical. Injections are made using a fine needle, placed into targeted areas of the face to get the desired effect. Results become finalized in the next few days, and last anywhere from 4 months to a little over a year depending on the specific type of injectable. And, once the results begin to fade you can schedule another treatment to restore those results.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Facial Injectables

How Injectables and Fillers Feminize the Transgender Woman's Face

Facial injectables can be combined, or a certain type can be used on its own. The aesthetic results of these treatments vary from type to type, but generally the types of beautifying outcomes possible include:

  • Volumize facial hollows, including under-eye hollows and sunken cheeks
  • Re-contour and define the jaw line
  • Soften fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plump up thin lips

Working with Dr. Beck, you and he can develop a non-surgical treatment plan meeting your goals and expectations. You deserve to live a confident, authentic life by being able to express yourself fully. Dr. Beck knows how personal your feminization journey is, and he wants to provide the services and care that will help you make great strides in the journey.

To schedule a consultation with experienced facial feminization surgeon Dr. Joel Beck, please call Bay Area Feminization Surgery at 650-249-3169. Our feminization practice serves all of the surrounding areas, including San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo.

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