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Ear Surgery

Otoplasty surgery is a delicate cosmetic procedure used to correct prominent ears, cupped ears and restore a more natural appearance by treating poorly defined folds and setting the ears back closer to the head. Ear surgery is frequently performed on children and teenagers who are often extremely self-conscious about their prominent and/or oddly shaped ears. Although often used for purely cosmetic purposes, a number of San Francisco plastic surgeons, including Dr. Beck and his team, have the necessary skills to create and reconstruct ears for Bay Area patients who may be missing one or both ears due to birth defect or traumatic injury.

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Who is a candidate for ear surgery in San Jose, San Mateo and/or San Francisco?

The best San Jose / San Francisco otoplasty candidates are patients who are suffering from one of the following ear conditions:

  • Cupped/shelled ears
  • Excessive cartilage
  • Malformed cartilage
  • Mal-positioned cartilage
  • Soft-tissue deformity
  • Prominent ears
  • Large/deformed ear lobes
  • Oversized ears
  • Missing ears

During the initial one-on-one consultation, our team meticulously examine the anatomy of the ears, their relationship to the patient’s head and facial proportion. We then identifies problem areas and develops an effective treatment plan that may consist of one or more ear reshaping techniques. Each patient’s ear surgery candidacy is based on their medical history and aesthetic desires.

Otoplasty | Facial Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

How is ear surgery performed?

Otoplasty consists of a number of advanced ear sculpting techniques, each used to address the unique needs of each patient. The most frequently used ear surgery methods involve small, inconspicuous incisions behind the ears, which enable Dr. Beck and his team to relocate, reshape, resize and/or refold the ears. When reducing the size of the ears, some cartilage removal may be necessary. Otoplasty is usually performed on an outpatient basis at our leading-edge surgical suite. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, general or local anesthesia may be used and the surgery can last anywhere from two to four hours.


Following ear surgery the head is wrapped in thick bandages, which help maintain the new shape and/or location of the ears and prevent any injuries and infections. To reduce the risk of complications, San Francisco / San Jose ear surgery patients are asked to rest for at least three to four days. Mild discomfort, headaches and numbness may be felt during the first few days, after which most patients are able to return to their daily activities. Special post-operative care instructions are recommended for children who are prone to injury during playtime or while at school. Strenuous activity is often restricted for two to three weeks following otoplasty.

Otoplasty | Facial Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

Other Options

Otoplasty is often performed as an isolated procedure for children and may be combined with other facial cosmetic treatments for adults who want to undergo a complete face makeover. The most common plastic surgery procedures performed in conjunction with otoplasty include: lip augmentation, short scar face lift and/or minimally invasive skin resurfacing treatments like laser skin resurfacing.

A word about financing…

Ear surgery can be made very affordable through our partners at CareCredit. Visit them at www.carecredit.com. Jasmine would be happy to answer any of your questions or assist you with the necessary paperwork.

Insurance Notes:

Ear surgery is usually considered an aesthetic procedure and as such is not covered by insurance. Jasmine would be happy to assist you with any pre-certification if your insurance covers the procedure.

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