In the previous year, cosmetic rhinoplasty was the number one plastic surgery undergone by men in the U.S. Nose reshaping ranks among the top five most frequently requested cosmetic procedures for both men and women, which is easy to understand, as the procedure has both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Most plastic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is the most technically difficult plastic surgery to perform. Whether performed on a male or female, the procedure requires considerable precision and skill. Our team at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery are board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive training and experience in reconstructive cosmetic surgery and a successful track record performing rhinoplasty on both women and men.

Why Men Have Rhinoplasty Procedures

Each patient has his own reasons for undergoing male rhinoplasty, but there is no denying the popularity of the procedure. Factors contributing to that popularity may include the following:

  • Many men with a deviated septum have surgery to correct breathing problems and elect to have rhinoplasty to improve their appearance at the same time.
  • Men are no longer inhibited by a stigma associated with plastic surgery or the idea that it is only meant for women, models, and actors.
  • Men today care about their appearance and want to look good.
  • A man may have a nose job to achieve a better facial profile.
  • Men who are active in sports may have old injuries to the nose that need to be surgically repaired.
  • Some men have a nose that bothers them because of a bump, a ski slope, or a large, bulbous, or droopy tip, or because the nose is too wide or thin, or is out of balance with the rest of the facial features.
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Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty

While rhinoplasty is basically the same basic procedure whether performed on a woman or a man, there are subtle but key differences in male and female rhinoplasty. The major differences lie in the areas of male vs. female nasal anatomy and aesthetics.

Male Nasal Anatomy

Although we all have noses in the center of the face, male nasal anatomy has its own distinctive characteristics. Men’s noses are generally larger. The male nose tends to be more prominent, with a higher bridge, and many men have greater mid-nose width. Men also have thicker skin on the nose that tends to drape differently after surgery, which is a factor in the rhinoplasty reshaping process.

Men, as well as women, have a variety of shapes in the bridge and the tip of the nose. Many men have a nose with a bridge that is straight or slightly humped, and men who have been physically active or participated in sports may have a slightly crooked nasal bridge due to injuries. In addition to the differentiating characteristics between a man's nose and a woman's nose, there are also ethnically diverse characteristics as well. Since our team is well versed on all of the mentioned characteristics, you can expect to achieve some of the best results from male, female or ethnic rhinoplasty.

Aesthetics in Male Rhinoplasty

While many women prefer a petite nose, the aesthetic goal for many men is a powerful, prominent, distinctive nose. Men typically want the tip of the nose to be less rotated, with an angle of 90 to 95 degrees between the upper lip and the nose.

What makes a nose more masculine depends on the individual patient and the unique facial features. In a man with a strong jaw and brow, for example, a larger nose is likely to blend well with the face, while the same nose may look out of place on men with finer facial features.

Male Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon

For a male rhinoplasty procedure, it is important to choose a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Francisco with extensive training, a background in reconstructive surgery, aesthetic sensibilities, sound judgment, and a commitment to surgical excellence. Our team at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery meets all those criteria. If you are wondering if people will notice that you have had “work done” on your nose, bear in mind that a natural appearance is always our goal. We believe that the nose should not call attention to itself, but rather blend in with the other facial features.

Many of our patients find that they are not hearing any comments about the nose – only compliments on their eyes, smile, or other features – after recovering from male rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Liu and his team.

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