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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to repair the form or function of the nose after a previous surgery. As this is typically a more complicated procedure than an original “nose job,” it requires a surgeon with a sophisticated understanding of nasal structure and who uses the most advanced surgical techniques. In order to achieve some of the top results from revision rhinoplasty, visit Dr. Beck and his team for some of the best rhinoplasty San Francisco can offer.

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Our team of surgeons at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery are board-certified facial plastic surgeons in San Francisco who brings the highest standards of medical excellence and integrity to their practice. In addition to their extensive training and experience, we are passionate about creating seamless, organic rhinoplasty outcomes that maximize the innate attractiveness of the patient while correcting structural and cosmetic nasal flaws.

Why Revision Rhinoplasty Is Performed

When an earlier surgery did not achieve the intended results, whether because of doctor error, outdated surgical techniques, or a change in the patient’s aesthetic goals, revision rhinoplasty may be the right step to correct the problem. Patients who are not happy with the outcome of their original surgery may elect to have revision rhinoplasty for reasons relating to function or appearance of the nose that may include:

  • Breathing difficulties: A previous rhinoplasty may have created breathing problems that did not exist prior to surgery. This can occur when the nasal structure has been altered in a way that obstructs the airways.
  • Appearance of the nose does not meet expectations: Many women and men undergo rhinoplasty with the purpose of achieving their facial aesthetic goals. A patient who is still unhappy with the appearance of the nose after rhinoplasty may choose to have revision surgery as a means of getting the nose he or she envisioned.
  • Nose is too wide or too thin for the face: The surgeon who performed the previous rhinoplasty may have unintentionally created an undesirable cosmetic effect by thinning or widening the nose, and revision rhinoplasty may be needed to restore a balanced appearance.
  • Nose looks artificial after primary rhinoplasty: Many revision rhinoplasty patients complain that, after the original surgery, their nose looks artificial, and it is obvious to others that they have had work done. Dr. Beck and his team have the surgical skills to correct this flaw by restoring a more natural and balanced appearance to the nasal structure. Furthermore, our team thoroughly understands the structural differences of the nose between different ethnicities. Our eye for aesthetics has allowed us to fully maintain these ethnic intricacies and further enhance them, rather than hiding or over-accentuating. If you are looking to achieve beautiful results from an ethnic rhinoplasty Walnut Creek patients love, visit our team at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery at any one of his 2 convenient locations in Foster City and Pleasanton, CA.
Revision Rhinoplasty | Rhinoplasty San Francisco

Why Is Revision Rhinoplasty More Complicated than the Original Procedure?

In many cases, performing revision surgery after one or more previous rhinoplasties requires a great deal of skill, artistry, and precision. The surgeon must effectively navigate structural adjustments from the previous surgery(s) and the resulting scar tissue. In the simplest cases, revision rhinoplasty may be a matter of removing residual excess bone or cartilage, or it could be a complicated procedure that involves restructuring the entire nose. Revision rhinoplasty typically takes much longer to perform than primary rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty | Rhinoplasty San Francisco

Revision Rhinoplasty Procedure

Revision rhinoplasty procedures vary widely from patient to patient, depending on what problems exist from the earlier surgery and what revisions need to be made. There may be problems with any area of the nose – the tip, the middle third, the upper third, or all of the above. At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, your revision rhinoplasty is customized to resolve your unique concerns.

This surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. It may be closed rhinoplasty, in which incisions are made on the inside of the nose, or open rhinoplasty, with an incision on the underside of the nose between the nostrils.

The aim of revision rhinoplasty is to restore both structure and function. If it is necessary to add cartilage to recreate shape and proportion, extra cartilage may be obtained from your septum, your ear, or one of your ribs. If not enough cartilage was removed during your primary surgery, our team can take correct this aesthetic flaw.

Revision Rhinoplasty | Rhinoplasty San Francisco

Revision Rhinoplasty Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Along with an eye for aesthetic balance and harmony, Dr. Joel Beck and his team have a world-class surgical background and a sophisticated understanding of anatomical structure and function. We are dedicated to surgical excellence and helping patients enhance the appearance of the face with nasal procedures focused on balance and integration. If you need revision surgery after primary rhinoplasty, Dr. Beck and his team have the knowledge, experience, surgical skills, precision, and artistry to help you achieve a natural-looking nose that blends with your remaining facial features for holistic natural beauty.

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