Insurance for transgender surgery

Some health insurance companies cover treatments for transgender patients. While certain surgeries are covered, several types of documentation are required to gain approval for any procedure, which include:

  • A letter from your primary care physician 
  • Documentation and the facts about the pending transition
  • A letter from a qualified mental health professional testifying to your “gender dysphoria”
  • Additional documents related to transitioning such as court documents or other relevant documents

With the exception of top surgery, most of the treatments are considered cosmetic, unfortunately. Our team at SVIA Liu Plastic Surgery are very willing to submit claims on your behalf and create a paper trail documenting your surgical plan. You have the option of accessing the many credit resources to assist you with financing your journey to a body that matches your identity. Dr. Liu and his team will do everything they can to assist you with the paperwork so that you can move forward with your procedure – and your life. Please visit our Financing page to learn more or speak with our patient coordinator.


All TG surgeries involve a period of recovery, which varies, depending on the surgeries performed. We have provided a brief outline of recovery time for MTF and FTM surgeries.

  • MTF breast surgery: TG breast augmentation is performed with ultimate skill at our practice. Our process involves determining the ideal size, shape, and projection to match your frame, and reflects your personal desires for your figure. The recovery time is typically about one to two weeks before you can return to work (based on your individual healing time), with a full recovery generally achieved within about six weeks and continuing to improve with time as the scars fade.

FTM top surgery: You can expect a recovery time of about two weeks to recover from FTM top surgery. The surgical technique used will impact the length of your recovery. Double incision FTM top surgery takes a bit longer for recovery than the technique called “Keyhole top surgery,” which involves an incision along the bottom of the areola to remove breast tissues and may include liposuction to remove any remaining fat.

Aftercare – Smoothing the road to recovery

You will be unable to drive after your procedure. For your safety, it is important that you arrange to have a responsible adult accompany you home once you are released from recovery. Should you or our team determine an overnight stay is in your best interest, we recommend the Recovery Care Inn. Located within the Mills Health Center in San Mateo, this setting offers private rooms and suites accommodating patients for up to 72 hours following elective surgery or other non-acute procedures. 

Staffed by experienced registered nurses, your safety and comfort are assured. Meals are included and visitors are welcome provided they are pre-approved by the patient and the staff. The Recovery Care Inn provides a quiet, professional environment with the right amount of “TLC” to make your recovery a pleasant experience.

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Life as it should be: You, living as your true self.

Those who suffer from gender dysphoria face many challenges, typically from an early age. The transition from MTF or FTM can bring you the confidence, relief, and ability to live your life as you truly are, finally free. When under the care of our surgical team at SVIA Liu Plastic Surgery, you can expect to feel empowered, supported, and cared for. We work with our patients from the inception of the journey, filing paperwork, the surgery itself, and throughout the recovery, and we are honored to be chosen to help our patients life fulfilling, honest lives.

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