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Facial Feminization Surgery in San Francisco

At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, our experienced transgender plastic surgeons, and our entire cosmetic team are dedicated to helping you achieve the outer feminine appearance that reflects your inner gender identity.

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Transgender Surgery San Francisco

Cheek Feminization

A woman's face is characterized in part by her full cheeks, which taper down toward the chin to form a graceful, heart-shaped facial contour. To achieve this facial shape, the cheeks need upper fullness and the tapered line to the chin must be defined.

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Transgender Surgery

Chin Reduction

Like the nose, there isn't necessarily one chin that is the perfect feminine chin. Oftentimes, the men and women society finds most attractive have features that are unconventional or different from most other people.

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San Francisco Transgender Surgery


Unlike traditional mircodermabrasion, DermaSweep™ does not spray crystals at your skin, but instead uses gentle vacuum suction and a brush tip to whisk away dead skin cells and rejuvenate facial skin.

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Best Transgender Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

San Francisco facial feminization surgery is about achieving the vision you have for a physical transition to femininity. Eyelid surgery – also called blepharoplasty – can lend to feminization by restoring a youthful, vivacious appearance around the eyes.

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Best Transgender Surgery San Francisco


The results of facial feminization are often enhanced with a facelift, especially if you are 40 or older. A FFS facelift may be the right way to improve negative effects of aging as well as the sagging that can be left behind by certain facial reshaping procedures.

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Transgender Surgery Pleasanton

Fat Grafting

Sex reassignment surgery can involve all aspects of your physiology, including your face and upper body. Some transgender women are interested in fulfilling part of their physical transition with surgical procedures, such as fat grafting.

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Transgender Surgery Walnut Creek


A smooth forehead free of significant protrusions is a hallmark of a feminine facial appearance. A prominent projection of bone above the eyebrows tends to be less aesthetically pleasing in either sex, and can be a particularly masculine feature for a female.

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Walnut Creek Transgender Surgery


Our team's San Francisco facial feminization surgery is about allowing you to be your authentic self more confidently. As a transgender woman, you may be looking for noninvasive options that allow you to highlight those feminine facial qualities you already have.

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Pleaseanton Transgender Surgery

Jaw Reduction

The chin and jaw form the contour of your lower fa ce. Although certain characteristics of the jaw may be considered typically male or typically female, our experienced plastic surgeons are committed to helping you achieve a jawline that is not only feminine but also beautiful.

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Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco


Like your chin, your nose is an important facial feature that can influence your self-esteem and your feelings about your femininity. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose or want more feminine nose characteristics, then facial feminization rhinoplasty may be right for you.

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Facial Feminization Surgery Pleasanton

Skinscare Spa

Apart from “turning back the clock,” good skincare can also address other conditions created by heredity, sun damage, pollutants and scars. The skin is a remarkable organ capable of renewing itself, but over time that renewal process can become compromised.

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FTM Top Surgery San Francisco

TG Hair Restoration

NeoGraft provides a minimally invasive way to restore thinned hair or hair on bald spots. Hair restoration is particularly beneficial to the male-to-female transgender patient because it can create a feminine hairline and the beautiful, womanly hair that will allow you to live more confidently.

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Facial Feminization Walnut Creek

Tracheal Reduction

A pronounced Adam's apple, like a prominent forehead, is one of the most obvious and well-recognized indicators of male gender. A tracheal shave procedure reduces the size of this cartilage so you can have a smooth, feminine neck and eliminate the "tell" of an Adam's apple.

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Transgender Surgery

From facial feminization to creating a female body contour and breasts, our transgender procedures allow you to have the feminine features you have always wanted. Dr. Beck and his team believe these procedures should produce results that complement your overall body shape and appearance, and that fulfill your goals. During their years of experience with feminization surgery, Dr. Beck and his team have learned that typical female features that are the most statistically common among genetic females are not necessarily the most beautiful and desirable features. For example, a square, angular jaw traditionally associated with males is often one of the most prized features of many female celebrities. We will create feminization results that are not only classically female, but are also beautiful and attractive.

Ask Our Team

Q: Will I still look like “me” after my surgery?

A: While FFS will alter your appearance in subtle, appropriate ways, you will still be recognized by your friends, family and co-workers. They will simply be seeing a more feminine, attractive version of your same facial features.

Q: Who is a good candidate for FFS?

A: Any transgender client can undergo surgery, as long as they are physically and mentally healthy, their face has finished growing (usually around age 16), they have reasonable expectations for improvement rather than perfection, and they are either non-smokers or are willing to quit prior to treatment.

Q: How can I anticipate my results?

A: Our team has a vast library of before and after photos that illustrate the different methods used to feminize the features. You can request to see photos of patients who are undergoing similar treatments as your own. In addition, we use an advanced 3D imaging technology, which can give you a fairly accurate idea of the changes you will see post-op.

Q: Do I need to undergo hormone therapy before FFS?

A: This is not necessary. If you are already on HRT, the doctor may advise that you pause this treatment in advance of plastic surgery to avoid risk of complications.

Q: How long does it take to complete FFS?

A: Generally speaking, most clients can benefit from undergoing FFS in two stages, one focused on the upper face, and one that targets the lower face. Of course, this can happen over the space of a few days. The benefit of completing your surgeries all at once is that the doctor will make fewer incisions, and you will be able to consolidate your downtime and discomfort so you can return to your normal life as soon as possible. It can also be more cost effective to complete FFS as a package.

Q: How bad will the scars be?

A: While all surgical procedures do leave some type of trail, our team is quite skilled at concealing these marks within the skin’s natural folds and coloring. Please note that each patient will heal at a different rate, however our advanced surgical technique and comprehensive aftercare regimen ensures a rapid healing process.

Q: What kind of anesthesia will be used?

A: While some of the individual treatments may not require general anesthesia, when a patient undergoes FFS as a package, GA is the best method of ensuring a comfortable experience.

Q: Is FFS painful?

A: As with most surgeries, some swelling, redness, bruising and discomfort are to be expected. However, our team's surgical technique is designed to minimize post-operative pain through careful planning and execution. If needed, you will receive ample access to pain medication as part of your customized aftercare plan.

Q: Are there any risks with FFS?

A: All surgical procedures carry some risk, but our team goes out of their way to minimize complications through meticulous attention to detail and a conservative approach towards incisions. In other words, we does not over-operate. Risks may include infection, excessive bleeding, pain, paralysis, vision problems, sensation loss, swelling and scarring. It’s important to alert the doctor to any medical conditions or allergies you may have before treatment.

Q: Is FFS an outpatient procedure?

A: This will depend on the extent of your surgery. If you are having a number of facial procedures done at once, then our team will probably recommend an overnight stay in order to monitor your results and ensure you are on the proper path to healing. Procedures performed by themselves can usually be done on an outpatient basis, however.

Q: How soon can I return to my normal routine?

A: This will depend on your individual capacity for healing, and on the nature of the surgeries you undergo. On average, FFS clients will need at least two weeks of downtime.

Q: I am traveling to see Dr. Beck and his team from out of town. Where should I stay?

A: For detailed notes on accommodations, please see our Concierge page. You can also contact our patient coordinator who will be happy to assist out-of-town patients with all their lodging, dining, transportation, entertainment and communication needs while in the San Mateo/San Francisco area.

If you live in San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo or the surrounding area and are interested in feminization surgery, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified feminization surgeons .

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