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Skincare Products

Caring for your skin can keep you looking good at any age. It can influence how quickly you experience the telltale signs of aging and postpone the need for surgery. Apart from "turning back the clock," good skincare can also address other conditions created by heredity, sun damage, pollutants and scars. The skin is a remarkable organ capable of renewing itself, but over time that renewal process can become compromised.

At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, our job is to understand your needs and expectations and guide you through the myriad of products and procedures available.

Skincare Products | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Where do you start if your desire is to reverse damage and prevent the signs of aging?

With the heightened emphasis on miracle potions and lotions, it is easy to be overwhelmed. "The most important thing we provide our patients is cutting their research time. Once we understand their concerns and assess the overall condition of their skin, we talk about the options in simple terms. We discuss good, better, best solutions depending upon the patient’s level of commitment. Elaborate regimes with a high price tag are ineffective because they are rarely followed. Even two people with relatively the same skin condition may have different ideas on time, cost and aggressiveness. Our goal for every patient is to customize an easy and effective plan that will take their skin to the next level, regardless of where they begin."

Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery has created protocols for the most commonly experienced skincare issues. Whether you are struggling with acne, fine lines and wrinkles, scars, age spots, rosacea or poor skin tone and texture, you are in good hands. We are well versed in scientifically based products, peels and procedures. Contrary to "over the counter" creams, medical grade products are comprised of basic ingredients taken to prescription strength. These products give you a result that is more than skin deep.

Our office prides itself on providing the latest, tested therapies in a comfortable atmosphere. You can be sure the recommendations you receive from our skincare team are proven and medically supported.

At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery we offer free skin consultations, extended hours, and a customized skincare program to keep your skin looking its best.

Skincare Products | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Skincare Products/Conditions Treated

Jan Marini Skin Research’s professional products are used worldwide to address fine lines and wrinkles from aging and sun-damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea.

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