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Candidates for Breast Lift

Over time, the shape of your breasts can change dramatically. Drooping breasts or breasts that lack fullness may make you feel a little less confident than you would otherwise, and mastopexy surgery restores firmer, shapelier breasts that are placed in a more youthful position and projection from the chest.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons in the Bay Area, please call Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery at 650-249-3169.

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How Breast Rejuvenation may be Beneficial

Mastopexy surgery improves the position, shape and overall appearance of breasts

It has a profoundly rejuvenating effect on the deflated shape breasts may take on over the years. Generally, a breast lift procedure can address the following:s

  • Sagging breasts
  • Deflated breast appearance
  • Breasts that have become elongated and lost their roundness
  • Uneven breasts
  • Stretched or enlarged areolas
  • Nipples pointing downward
  • Nipples that have fallen below the ideal position on the breasts

These breast characteristics may be the result of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Aging
  • Weight fluctuations
  • Gravity
  • Genetics

It's not uncommon to combine mastopexy with breast augmentation, to increase size, or with breast reduction, to decrease the size of overly large breasts. As a board-certified plastic surgeons with years of experience, Dr. Beck and his team will help you choose a treatment approach that produces results you love.

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Find Out if You are a Candidate for Mastopexy

The only way to know if you are a good candidate for mastopexy is to visit our offices for a consultation. The consultation is a very important time to go over all matters related to your goals and aesthetic wishes. Some of the aspects of the consultative process that you may find useful are:

  • Meeting our team and getting to know their skills, experience, qualifications and personalities
  • Seeing a 3D prediction of what your results will look like using VECTRA imaging
  • Getting individualized, unrushed one-on-time with Dr. Beck and his team to have all of your questions and concerns addressed

Feeling great about the appearance of your breasts has the capacity to boost your self-esteem and confidence, which can filter into all aspects of your life, professionally, socially and otherwise. Our team is truly proud of achieving life-changing results for our patients, and he can help you decide if mastopexy is the right choice for you.

Breast surgery provided by Dr. Beck and his team is about achieving the vision you have for yourself and your body. To schedule a consultation with our team near the areas of San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo, please call Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery at 650-249-3169.

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