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Sientra Breast Implants

Dr. Joel Beck and his team, are a premier plastic surgery San Francisco provider, excited to introduce the newly FDA-approved Sientra "gummy bear" breast implants for use in breast augmentation surgery. The only fifth generation FDA-approved breast implants, Sientra gummy bear breast implants afford patients a more natural look and feel than earlier-generation breast implants do. Because only exemplary, board-certified plastic surgeons have access to these revolutionary silicone gel breast implants in San Francisco, our team is proud to add them to their quiver of products designed to make patients look as beautiful as they feel.

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What makes Sientra breast implants different from the rest?

Sientra breast implants are comprised of a form-stable, cohesive silicone gel, allowing the implants to retain their form whether a patient is standing upright or fully reclining. This is significant because it nearly eliminates any chance of rippling or folding of the breast implants within the shell. Additionally, Sientra gummy bear breast implants are leak resistant, even when twisted, stretched or sliced in half.

With Sientra gummy bear breast implants, patients get all the benefits of more natural-looking silicone gel implants without many of the safety concerns. Because Sientra breast implants are made of highly resilient, cohesive silicone gel, they more closely resemble natural breasts than any of their predecessors do. Sientra implants have the feel, shape and weight of natural breast tissue. Patients can also choose from an assortment of options: smooth or textured shell, teardrop or round shape, and an array of base conformations that dictate the degree of projection.

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Benefits of Sientra breast implants

Dr. Beck and his team are renowned surgical providers of breast augmentation in San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo, and are pleased to offer Sientra breast implants because they offer several advantages. Some of the benefits of Sientra breast implants include:

  • More natural-looking breast enhancement
  • Additional shape choices for more customized results
  • Added safety and peace of mind due to the leak-resistant nature of Sientra silicone gel

To find out more about Sientra’s unique benefits and properties, please contact the skilled staff at Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery at 650-249-3169.

In addition to offering several types of breast implants, our team also offers patients in San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo breast lift, breast reduction and male breast reduction.

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