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DermaSweep for Transgender Patients

Unlike traditional mircodermabrasion, DermaSweep™ does not spray crystals at your skin, but instead uses gentle vacuum suction and a brush tip to whisk away dead skin cells and rejuvenate facial skin.

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Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | DermaSweep

What is DermaSweep?

DermaSweep may be right for you if you are dissatisfied with some of the following facial characteristics:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Discoloration
  • Sun damage
  • Malasma (brown patches)
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Acne
  • Scars

DermaSweep treatment for MTF patients uses a wand-like hand piece to gently resurface your skin. The wand gently lifts the skin like a vacuum while the treatment brush resurfaces the skin. The wand vacuums away the dead skin cells, thus resurfacing the skin and revealing a fresher, invigorated skin layer. DermaSweep also increases blood flow to the skin and encourages collagen formation. This process is completely non-surgical and should cause no more than mild discomfort. It can complement the results of FFS eyelid surgery and other facial rejuvenation and feminization procedures.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | DermaSweep

DermaSweep Treatments

The DermaSweep device has a variety of brush tips to better meet your unique skin needs. You and your cosmetic surgeon can discuss the various brush tips and which one may be right for your facial feminization and rejuvenation goals.

Ultra-thin brush

This brush tip provides the gentlest and subtlest microdermabrasion, sweeping away dead skin cells and providing a refreshed facial appearance.

Medium-bristle brush

This level of resurfacing is combined with Epi-infusion, a topical solution that is infused in the deep layers of your skin to rejuvenate skin cells and treat discoloration, acne, dehydration and damaged collagen.

Large-bristle brush

The largest brush tip gently sweeps away the outermost layer of skin cells to expose the fresh skin underneath. This technique can improve skin marred by acne scars, wrinkles and deep creases.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | DermaSweep

After Dermasweep Treatment

Some patients benefit from a single treatment, while other patients may need 4 to 6 treatment sessions to achieve the desired result. Like Thermage and other non-surgical treatments, DermaSweep treatment generally has no downtime. After the treatment, you may have some mild redness and irritation, which should dissipate in the hours following. The large-brush treatment may cause more redness and irritation than the other techniques.

For feminization DermaSweep treatment, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation.

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