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Facial Feminization Jaw Reduction

The chin and jaw form the contour of your lower face. Although certain characteristics of the jaw may be considered typically male or typically female, our experienced plastic surgeons are committed to helping you achieve a jawline that is not only feminine but also beautiful. To schedule a San Mateo facial feminization jaw reduction consultation with our team, please call our office for facial feminization surgery in San Francisco at 650-249-3169.

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Transgender Jaw Reduction

A Beautiful Facial Contour

In a conventionally masculine jaw, the jaw drops down from the ear in a straight line, and then angles straight forward, forming almost a right angle. This square jaw shape is typically associated with a man's jaw, but many women have this angular shape as well.

Many of our facial feminization patients want to reshape their jaw to create a round rather than square jaw shape. A conventional female jaw has a curved line gently extending from the ear down to the chin. Although this facial contour is often associated as being the most feminine or the most common, many of the women society considers attractive have a more masculine, angular jaw.

Transgender Jaw Surgery

Can you Benefit from Feminization of the Jaw?

Although jaw reduction surgery may be the best way to achieve a conventional and commonly female jaw shape, it may not be the best way to create a beautiful, attractive jawline. Looking at any number of celebrity photos, you may notice that famous and beautiful female celebrities have defined, angular jaws. What is statistically common to females may not be what is the most beautiful. Facial features that stand apart are oftentimes the most prized facial features.

Our team of surgeons and our entire plastic surgery staff want to help you achieve the look you have always wanted. During a consultation, our team can examine your jawline and facial features, and make a recommendation regarding jaw reduction or jaw contouring. He may recommend doing nothing to the jawline, because male-to-female transgender patients often have the coveted square jawline already, which can create an attractive female face.

Our team is committed to creating the outer appearance you have always wanted, and a personalized, one-on-one consultation is the best way to decide if jaw reduction is necessary and to discuss how your jaw shape lends to an overall feminine and beautiful facial contour.

Facial Feminization Jaw Surgery

A good candidate for MTF jaw reduction

  • Is of sound body and mind, with no major medical problems
  • Is desirous of a rounder, softer jawline
  • Wants to complement the results from other facial feminization procedures such as rhinoplasty and foreheadplasty
  • Is at least 18 years old
  • Has expectations of improvement in their appearance, not perfection

Details of the Procedure

Jaw reduction surgery is performed under sedation or general anesthesia and takes 1-3 hours on average. It takes place at the San Mateo Surgery Center, an AAAASF-accredited outpatient facility known for its discretion, comfort and convenience. There you will receive the same impeccable standards of safety, patient care and access to advanced technology as at a local hospital, except in a setting that is more private and serene.

Incisions for jaw surgery are usually made inconspicuously within the mouth along the gums. Through this incision the doctor will be able to adjust the angle, contour and size of your jaw by shaving the bone and/or reducing certain muscle masses. If jaw squareness is an issue, your surgeon will address it through a procedure called a genioplasty. In rare cases, the doctor may choose to introduce a jaw implant, or make a referral to an orthodontist who can further alter the shape of the lower face for a more feminine appearance.

Facial Feminization Jaw Reduction

Why choose Dr. Beck and his team for MTF jaw reduction?

In addition to being a skilled, board certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Joel Beck and his team have an accomplished background in craniofacial techniques. This means that they have extensive experience shaping not only the soft tissue of the face, but the bone structure and underlying anatomical scaffolding as well. Our team's stunning facial feminization results bear witness to this specialization, placing us among San Mateo/San Francisco’s best transgender surgeons.

Jaw Reduction Facial Feminization

A winning team of caring professionals

Our team is insistent on working with only the most compassionate anesthesiologists, RN’s and medical assistants who have distinguished themselves in their areas of expertise. From our front desk staff to our nurses and technicians, each member of our team is eager to provide you with the concierge treatment, respect and kindness you deserve.

What can I expect from recovery?

Thanks to our team's efficient, advanced surgical techniques, most facial feminization clients can enjoy a rapid and hassle-free recuperation. Some swelling is to be expected, and will vary from patient to patient. Tight, swollen cheeks can be treated with cold compresses and/or pain medications furnished by the doctor as part of a comprehensive aftercare regimen. All bruising, swelling and discomfort tend to clear up within 3-5 weeks on average.

We may recommend a temporary liquid diet as your jaw heals. Extra hot foods and beverages should be avoided until the cheeks are less numb. You can expect to return to work and normal activities within 10-14 days post-op.

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If you live in San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo or the surrounding areas and are wondering if facial feminization jaw reduction is right for your goals and expectations, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

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