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Facial Feminization Rhinoplasty

Like your chin, your nose is an important facial feature that can influence your self-esteem and your feelings about your femininity. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose or want more feminine nose characteristics, then facial feminization rhinoplasty may be right for you.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your facial feminizations goals with our San Mateo board-certified plastic surgeons, please call Bay Area Feminization Surgery at 650-249-3169.

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Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Rhinoplasty

Common Aesthetic Nose Concerns

Rhinoplasty creates a pleasing nose shape and size that complements your other facial features. Your nose is a considerably definitive feature of your face, and even slight modifications to the nose can have a dramatic impact on overall facial appearance. As part of facial feminization, rhinoplasty can create a slightly upturned nose, reduce a large nose or nose hump, or otherwise create a more feminine nose.

Rhinoplasty addresses nose characteristics such as:

  • Bulbous nose tip
  • Upturned or drooping nose tip
  • Hump or depression in the nose bridge
  • Nose or nostril size
  • Overall nose shape
  • Asymmetrical nose shape
  • Breathing issues
Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Rhinoplasty

Am I a good candidate for TG nose surgery?

An ideal rhinoplasty candidate…

  • Has reasonable expectations in line with information gleaned during consultation
  • Is of sound mind and body, with no serious medical issues
  • Has a nose that has finished growing (usually at 17 or 18 years old for MTF clients)
  • Is a non-smoker, or is willing to cease smoking in advance of surgery
Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Rhinoplasty

What sets Dr. Beck and his team apart from other TG surgeons?

As a client seeking facial feminization, you want to choose a practitioner who has years of experience working with transgender clients, and one who has mastered the most advanced techniques in the industry. Dr. Beck and his team have a consummate background not only in plastic surgery, but in craniofacial procedures that require a sophisticated and nuanced grasp of spatial relationships and anatomical ratios.

In addition, our team is relentless in their pursuit of new, groundbreaking strategies in facial feminization. As such, they regularly attends plastic surgery conferences, seminars and networking events in order to keep evolving, staying one step ahead of the latest beauty trends.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Rhinoplasty

Ethnic considerations

Our team is keenly aware that the standard Caucasian nose job is not for everyone. We will never perform generic Westernized facial surgery on any patients, but rather seeks to customize our work to each client’s unique beauty, culture and wishes. Ethnic rhinoplasty demands an entirely different set of aesthetic principals, approaches that our team has mastered and perfected over the course of our long career.

If you are interested in ethnic rhinoplasty, we can furnish you with a portfolio of successful feminization before and after shots along with 3D imaging results.

Details of the procedure

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes under 3 hours. Your surgery will take place at the San Mateo Surgery Center, an accredited outpatient facility where you will receive top-tier client care in a discreet, serene setting.

Closed rhinoplasty – Here the doctor will conceal incisions inside the nostrils. Bone, cartilage and tissue is then recontoured from within the nasal structure to improve outer aesthetics. As may be apparent, the closed technique is best suited for clients who require minimal cosmetic adjustments.

Open rhinoplasty – In this method, a small incision is made externally between the nostrils (at the columella). Once the skin is pulled back, the surgeon has unfettered access to refine the bone, cartilage and tissue, effecting more dynamic changes.

Tip-plasty – Occasionally the only part of the nose that needs amending is the tip. In this case, the doctor will correct cosmetic flaws via minute incisions within the nostril area.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Rhinoplasty

How can I get started with a MTF rhinoplasty?

During a consultation with our team, we will examine your nose, cheeks and other facial features, and discuss your goals, questions and concerns regarding facial feminization rhinoplasty. Then, we will provide any further guidance you need to help you decide whether you want to pursue rhinoplasty.

In some cases, our team will recommend additional facial procedures such as a chin reduction or augmentation, which will balance the nose and make the entire profile more attractive.

If other facial feminization procedures are of interest, we can go over these during your consultation as well. Combining treatments can reduce overall costs, the number of incisions, post-operative pain and downtime, while also getting you to your goals faster.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Rhinoplasty

Feminizing the Face with Rhinoplasty

In many cases, an aesthetically pleasing nose is not necessarily gender-specific. Sometimes, the same nose characteristics can look pleasing on a man or a woman. The goal of rhinoplasty is to create a nose size and shape that complements your head shape and other facial features, creating balance and pleasing proportions.

Male features look masculine and attractive with a wider range of nose types than female features. Thus, many transgender patients find their nose does not match their feminization goals, and seek facial feminization rhinoplasty to achieve the nose shape and overall facial appearance they desire.

To discuss whether Bay Area facial feminization rhinoplasty is right for your feminization goals, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

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