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Facial Feminization Tracheal Shave

A pronounced Adam's apple, like a prominent forehead, is one of the most obvious and well-recognized indicators of male gender. A tracheal shave procedure reduces the size of this cartilage so you can have a smooth, feminine neck and eliminate the "tell" of an Adam's apple.

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Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Tracheal Shave

Adam's Apple Reduction Procedure

In an Adam's apple removal procedure, the goal is to reduce the thyroid cartilage creating the Adam's apple – not actually to remove the whole cartilage. Both men and women have an Adam's apple, but generally the protrusion is larger on a male because of the effect of testosterone during adolescence.

During a tracheal shave procedure, your surgeon creates a small incision beneath your chin or right above the Adam's apple. Through the incision, the bulge of thyroid cartilage is shaved down to create a smoother, feminine surface. This procedure often requires a relatively short amount of time in the operating room, but it is also a delicate procedure that requires the skill of an experienced and qualified surgeon.

Facial Feminization Surgery San Francisco | Tracheal Shave

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Tracheal Shave

Because parts of the vocal cords are located below this cartilage, care and precision are absolutely necessary in this procedure. Removing too much cartilage can negatively impact the vocal cords and cause your voice to be distorted. For this reason, it is important to choose an experienced surgeon who performs tracheal shave procedures regularly and to ask about his or her past patient results.

Although the procedure is sometime referred to as "Adam's apple removal," it is imperative for the cartilage to be conserved, and the tissue removed to be just enough to create the desired feminine throat appearance. Tracheal shaves are sometimes combined with liposuction to create a smooth throat and reduce excess fatty deposits in the area.

A tracheal shave produces permanent feminization of the throat. After the procedure, the area will be swollen and you may feel some discomfort, especially when swallowing, which will dissipate in the first few days after surgery. You may have to take several days to two weeks off from exercise and certain physical activities, after which time you should be mostly healed.

To find out more about our San Mateo tracheal shave procedures to reduce the Adam's apple, please contact Bay Area Feminization Surgery to schedule a consultation.

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