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Madonna Lift

The eyes are often the first facial feature to show signs of aging, usually in the form of wrinkled, loose eyelid skin, droopy eyebrows or dark under-eye rings. For those who want to rejuvenate their facial features without a full facelift, the Madonna Lift is a great alternative, with a shorter downtime and less risk of complications. Our San Francisco plastic surgeons perform this procedure at our Bay Area aesthetic surgery practice.

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Candidates for the Madonna Lift

Suitable Madonna Lift candidates have minor to moderate signs of aging around the eyes, including crow’s feet, creases, dark circles or drooping eyelids. Candidates should be in good health and not smoke.

Madonna Lift | Facial Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

The Madonna Lift Procedure

The Madonna Lift incorporates fractional laser technology that sends out columns of light instead of a steady beam of light. The columns leave tiny areas of undamaged skin in between the treated areas; this approach significantly speeds up the healing process. The laser light ablates damaged collagen and elastic fibers, stimulating the growth of fresh new skin with renewed elasticity. The result of this is a reduction in wrinkles and dark pigmentation, tighter upper and lower eyelid skin and an elevated browline.

For the best results, three to five sessions are recommended at two- to three-week intervals.

Madonna Lift | Facial Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

Recovering from the Madonna Lift

Recovery from the Madonna Lift is shorter than recovery from a traditional facelift. The fractional laser approach affects only a portion of the skin, so healing is quick and not painful. There are no surgical incision sites to care for or drains to worry about. The eyes will be red and puffy for a day or two after the procedure, but this can be covered up with make-up.

Madonna Lift | Facial Plastic Surgeon San Francisco

Other Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

Our team offers ours plastic surgery San Francisco patients a variety of surgical and non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures to improve the appearance of signs of aging. These options include eyelid surgery and Botox in San Francisco. We also treat San Francisco lunchtime lift patients.

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