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With the introduction of Sculptra Aesthetic, a cutting edge dermal filler that boosts collagen and corrects bothersome wrinkles and fine lines, anti-aging technology has entered a new, exciting chapter. Sculptra helps to produce subtle, gorgeous improvements in the skin's contour and texture, aiming to restore a youthful complexion and bolstering self-esteem in the process.

We are not offering this service at this time, but we have retained this page for your informational purposes

Subtle refinements

Sculptra is ideal for those clients who…

  • Wish to undergo a liquid facelift without invasive surgery
  • Insist on safe, proven procedures approved by the FDA
  • Are looking to volumize deflated, flattened skin
  • Need a complexion pick-me-up around the temples, cheeks, jaw and eyes
  • Appreciate a solution to facial asymmetry
  • Require a quick treatment that takes less than 30 minutes to perform
Sculptra | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

How is Sculptra engineered?

Collagen is one of the body's natural proteins, responsible for keeping our skin plump, voluminous, and resilient. As we age, this essential compound becomes depleted, leaving our skin looking weary and hollow. Thanks to its unique formula, which includes poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra can help stimulate the replacement of collagen with just 3 injections to the jaw, cheeks, chin or temple areas over the course of several months. This active ingredient works to fortify the skin’s scaffolding on its deepest levels, building a stronger and more vital foundation for the future.

Sculptra | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Are there any side effects or pain with Sculptra?

Each injection is administered with a local anesthetic, curtailing patient discomfort. Aside from some minor swelling or bruising in a small percentage of patients, most clients do not experience any downtime and find they can return to work and normal activities right away.

Sculptra | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

What kind of outcomes can I expect?

Effects will vary between patients, but on the whole, Sculptra clients have found that while occasional touch-up sessions can help preserve results, improvement is gradual and seamless, lasting up to two years – an incredible value.

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