How does FTM facial surgery work?

To arrive at the most holistic and balanced version of the authentic self, these reconstructive procedures are often excellently combined with testosterone therapy and/or body contouring such as top surgery.

Individual treatments for FTM facial surgery may include…

Rhinoplasty/Augmentation Of The Nasal Structure

The male nose is typically larger and more angular than a woman’s nose. Nasal augmentation can be achieved through dermal fillers, or in some cases through a more dramatic approach using cartilage or bone grafting. The bridge, tip and nostrils can all be recontoured during this process.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation can help redefine the bone structure, fortifying the profile for a more conventionally male look. Soft or oval cheeks can be made to appear more angular and chiseled. Dermal fillers are often the first approach, followed by implants, if a more dramatic solution is desired. In all cases, incisions are camouflaged inside the mouth.

Hair Transplant Surgery

This procedure works to complement the masculinized facial features, transforming the hairline, and filling out a beard or mustache. During treatment, hair is taken from a donor area such as the back of one’s head and strategically grafted in the appropriate regions. There is typically very little pain or scarring, although it may take several sessions to achieve the desired hair thickness and coverage.

Forehead Augmentation

The male forehead tends to be more bony and dense, and this can be achieved through a forehead implant, or through dermal fillers. If surgery is chosen, incisions are hidden in the hairline where they remain inconspicuous.

Adam’s Apple Surgery

During this procedure, an Adam’s apple implant is created from the patient’s own cartilage and inserted within the throat. This is often the best solution when hormone therapy has failed to achieve the appropriate changes in FTM clients.

Chin Augmentation

Males tend to have more dominant chins, and this can be achieved through an implant that strengthens the entire profile. Incisions are made inside the mouth, where scarring is nicely hidden from view.

Jaw Enhancement

A well-defined jaw is one of the hallmarks of the male face, complementing a strong chin and nose. Jaw augmentation can be performed using fillers, or in some cases surgical enhancement with implants.

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Why choose Dr. Liu and his team for FTM facial surgery?

Procedures that aim to masculinize the craniofacial structures require an intuitive grasp of aesthetic nuance, decades of expertise, and impeccable skill. In our team, these attributes converge, making him one of California’s most in-demand FTM specialists. Dr. Liu and his team are also one of the most easy-going surgeons to speak with; most clients find they are immediately set at ease by their calm, down-to-earth demeanor and reassuring warmth.

Getting Started

Our team provides a discreet, informative consultation during which we will go over your personalized treatment plan in detail, providing a clear road map of what to expect moving forward. You will have access to a vast library of before and after photographs, as well as 3D imaging results, both of which will help to provide you with the most accurate expectations possible.

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Where is FTM facial surgery performed?

All procedures take place at the renowned and accredited San Mateo Surgery Center, an outpatient facility outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, along with comfortable, climate-controlled reception and recovery suites.

Our team of surgeons work with a world-class team of board certified nurses and techs, and a kind, friendly office support staff that will ensure your visit is relaxing and rewarding from start to finish.

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