Most plastic surgeries are considered elective, but some procedures are medically necessary and the costs can be covered by your health insurance provider. There are surgical options available for nearly every part of your body, and several of them could be deemed necessary. Our board-certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco can help you determine if your plastic surgery expenses can be paid for by your insurance and help you devise a financing plan.

Which Plastic Surgeries Will Insurance Pay For?

You will need to gather your records from your appointments with Dr. Liu and your general practitioner. Insurance companies require documentation stating that your plastic surgery is needed to protect your body from further damage or to restore your body to healthy functioning. Some of the procedures commonly covered by insurance include:

  • breast surgery for both men and women. Breast augmentation is often covered for women who have survived breast cancer and had a mastectomy. Men sometimes require a breast reduction, which can also be paid by insurance.
  • transgender surgery. Plastic surgery can help transgender women and men realize their gender identity. Some procedures are covered by insurance companies including Medicaid in certain states.
  • eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty. If your vision is suffering due to sagging skin around your eyes or drooping eyelids, your eyelid surgery expenses will likely be paid by your healthcare provider.
  • nose surgery, or rhinoplasty. A deviated septum causes you to develop breathing issues and is considered medically necessary by most insurance companies
  •  body contouring after weight loss. Extreme weight loss leaves patients with pounds of excess skin tissue. Insurance companies sometimes cover loose skin removal, called a panniculectomy, for patients who have completed at least one year of supervised diet and exercise changes.

Your physical and mental health will be taken into consideration when you consult with your health insurance company. It may take several appeals to make sure your surgery will be covered, but Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery can help you through each step.

If you’re interested in plastic surgery, please contact Dr. Liu in San Francisco today at 6505706066 to schedule your initial consultation. Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery provides experienced plastic surgery to clients in San Francisco, San Jose, and San Mateo, California. 

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