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One of Europe and Asia’s most popular treatments, NovaThreads are non-surgical thin sutures injected under the skin to provide structure and stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. This will help lift sagging skin, smooth wrinkles, and restore a more youthful jawline. The jowls and jawline are areas of the face that are especially difficult to address with creams or other topical treatments, or improve with diet and exercise. This leaves many people believing a facelift is the only option. Our San Jose NovaThreads are unique because they are particularly effective in improving skin texture and elasticity on the lower section of the face and neck.

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How do NovaThreads Work?

Needles containing thin threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) are injected in different patterns and removed, leaving the threads beneath the skin. PDO is a medical-grade material that is widely used and safe. There are several types of NovaThreads treatment, including:

  • NuMesh: Several smooth threads are placed in an overlapping pattern designed to maximize their strength by providing an underlying structure to the skin. This prompts your body to generate collagen over time, allowing your body to regenerate, and produce natural collagen, reducing wrinkles and lifting sagging skin.
  • NuLift: Threads designed with directional barbs are injected under the skin, working to grip and restore the area that has developed fine lines and wrinkles. By pulling these threads, the skin can be instantly repositioned. Collagen production secures this repositioning over time ensuring tighter, smoother skin.
  • Twist Threads: Used instead of smooth threads in NuMesh treatments, they provide instant volume for deeper wrinkles and lines, such as laugh lines. Our team customizes treatment for each patient to produce the most natural-looking, tighter, firmer facial appearance.
NovaThreads San Francisco

What to Expect with A Novathreads Treatment

Our San Francisco NovaThreads procedure is non-surgical and does not involve incisions, scarring, or a long recovery time. Your cosmetic surgeon will inject a small needle containing the threads into the superficial skin layer. When the needle is removed the thread remains beneath the skin until it naturally dissolves, typically four to six months later. Once injected the threads are virtually undetectable. Each injection typically takes one minute. Most treatments require only 45 minutes to an hour to complete.

NovaThreads San Jose

Recovery Timefor NovaThreads Procedure

The Elite MPX laser also allows our team to remove spider veins on the face and legs. The hand piece delivers laser energy to the blood vessel, and hemoglobin absorbs the laser beam. This creates heat that destroys the blood vessel from the inside, causing it to disappear. Our team is often able to eliminate visibility of blood vessels at the time of treatment. Because the laser beam is so tiny, it leaves the surrounding tissue unaffected.

NovaThreads San Francisco

NovaThreads: Impressive Results Without Surgery

The improvement produced by NovaThreads can be immediate, depending on the extent of the needed correction. As collagen production is triggered, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles continues to reduce, with sagging skin getting tighter and firmer, and the cheeks lifting. A natural, more youthful appearance is achieved. Results continue for eight months to a year. This procedure is easily repeatable and may be performed with the addition of dermal fillers or BOTOX to help maintain firmer, more youthful looking facial skin. This makes for a great non-surgical, effective alternative to a traditional facelift.

Dr. Joel Beck and his team are Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, and have specialized training in Micro Surgery, Burn Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery. They utilize this broad experience to provide his patients with exceptionally natural-looking results in a private and patient-focused Bay Area clinic. Contact us for more information and schedule a consultation for some of the greatest NovaThreads San Francisco has to offer.

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