Our team focuses on creating natural-looking, beautiful results. Are you considering facial rejuvenation, breast enhancement, or body sculpting? It is vital that you have a surgeon who cares about you, and your vision and can achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

Facial Rejuvenation: Surgical and Non-Surgical Techniques

If you feel you have a facial flaw, or your skin has suffered the effects of age and time with wrinkles and creases giving you a tired, older appearance, Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery has the answers. We offer a range of procedures and treatments that can turn back the clock and rejuvenate the appearance of your face. A few of the procedures we perform for our patients include:

Brow Lift

Give your brows and forehead the smooth, lifted appearance associated with youth. Take away those worry lines and creases and give your face a fresh, appealing appearance.

Ear Surgery

Were you born with protruding ears? You have genetics to thank for it. Many people live with embarrassment because they have cupped or prominent ears. Ear surgery is often performed on young people who feel self-conscious about their ears. Our skills extend to ear reconstruction for victims of trauma or birth defects.

Eyelid Surgery

Heredity and age can result in overhanging or drooping eyelids, or puffy pillows beneath the eyes. If you are unhappy with a hooded appearance, turned-down eyes, or frown lines, talk to us about eyelid surgery. Your treatment will be customized specifically for you to achieve the look that you envision.


Various types of facelift procedures are available, and the type chosen to rejuvenate your facial appearance will be specifically for you, to address sags, wrinkles, and other flaws.

Lip Augmentation

Give your lips the plump, fresh appearance of youth with a carefully performed lip augmentation. Our focus is on giving your lips the most appealing and natural appearance.

Liquid Lift

Modern injectables make it possible to create a natural-looking, fresher appearance to your facial skin in what we call a “liquid lift.”

Madonna Lift

The “Madonna lift” has shorter downtime and can restore a more youthful appearance in the upper portion of the face.

Hair Restoration

We offer advanced hair restoration techniques for men and women.


Facial features can be unbalanced when the nose is too large, droops, or has any other flaw. Rhinoplasty solves these issues, creating harmony and balance.

Chin Augmentation

Create a more beautifully balanced profile with a chin augmentation.

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Breast Surgery
In San Mateo

As the years pass, the youthful, perky, and rounded appearance of your breasts can be lost. Thankfully, modern surgical techniques can restore your breasts to the look of youth, or enhance them to the breast size you have always wanted. Whether time, breastfeeding, or genetics have left you with breasts that droop or sag, we can help. Our breast surgery procedures are all geared transform your appearance in the most positive way – both natural and balanced in appearance. The breast procedures we perform include:

Breast Augmentation

Adds volume and shape to your breasts.

Breast Lift

If your breast tissue now sags, or they appear deflated, a breast lift restores them to a more youthful place on your chest, with excess skin removed.

Breast Reduction

Overlarge breasts are uncomfortable, and create a multitude of problems for women. Reducing breast size and creating a lovely silhouette can bring physical relief – and increased self-confidence.

Body Sculpting For Balance And Harmony.

What is beauty? We all perceive it differently, but it is generally represented by a torso, derriere, and thighs that are each perfectly balanced and in proportion. Most of us were not born with a perfectly proportioned body, but can achieve it through aesthetic plastic surgical techniques, including body sculpting and contouring. The body surgical techniques we offer our patients include:

Why We Love San Mateo!

We love San Mateo as the city offers an outstanding quality of life for people of all ages. It has a vast array of services, more than twelve neighborhood parks, nine large community parks, six recreation centers, two pools, and a beautiful estuary lagoon -- perfect for boating. With over 200 acres of open space within the city limits and miles of paths and walkways, the city is one of the most pleasant communities in which to raise children, or spend a lifetime.

At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery Center, we offer our services to people who live in the San Mateo area who are looking for a plastic surgeon with a reputation that is heads above and beyond the ordinary. Call today to schedule an appointment – you will find us to be compassionate, caring, and interested in you and your vision. We are committed to performing every treatment with patient safety and health as a priority.

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