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Planning Your Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is elective surgery. It is highly personal and should not be taken lightly. The good news is you have time to make the best decision possible for you. Once you decide to have surgery, the next step is to choose a doctor. How will you make the right choice? You will want someone who has the proper training, experience, skills and judgment to give you the best result. You will also be basing your decision on more subjective criteria – trust, rapport, a sense of comfort.

At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, our practice is designed to help you collect and sort through as much information as possible prior to you committing to surgery. We understand how emotionally charged and confusing the process can be. It is our role to simplify your journey and become your resource as you gather the necessary information for your particular desires.

Planning Cosmetic Surgery | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Telephone or email

Our knowledgeable staff is ready and willing to address your concerns in a prompt, professional manner. You can expect to have many of your preliminary questions answered after the first phone call. If not, you will be transferred to another member of our staff who is qualified to offer their advice. Once we have satisfied your initial questions, you will be offered additional complimentary collateral material that will further explain the procedure(s) of interest. These will be valuable for you to review prior to your appointment with our team. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons is a good source of information on how to select a surgeon and gives details on each procedure at www.plasticsurgery.org

We are happy to quote you a fee range over the phone with the understanding that your ultimate quote will depend upon your consultation and exam with the doctor.

Planning Cosmetic Surgery | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Making an Appointment

You are welcome to make an appointment with us either by phone or email. Click here for appointment form. We will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule.

The length of your consultation will be dependent upon the procedure you are considering. Plenty of time is allowed for each patient. We will ask you for a credit card to hold your appointment time. We will contact you two days prior to your appointment as a reminder.

Planning Cosmetic Surgery | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Your Consultation

When you arrive at our office you will be greeted by our receptionist and asked to complete a health questionnaire. It is important that you disclose any conditions you are experiencing and medications you are taking. Jasmine, our patient coordinator will be your guide both during and after your visit to be sure your time with us is productive.

During your consultation with your surgeon you will have the opportunity to get all your questions answered. The doctor will listen to your questions, discuss your desires, and provide alternatives for your consideration. It is likely you will have some photos taken giving the doctor a blueprint with which to work. During the consultation you will have the opportunity to review before and after pictures of patients having goals similar to yours. We will take digital images of you so we can more accurately discuss your specific needs. Before you leave, Jasmine will create a fee quote and answer any questions you may have regarding scheduling surgery.

We believe the time you spend up front evaluating practices is the most valuable. Our intention is that you leave our practice having a firm understanding of how we would approach accomplishing your aesthetic goals.

Most patients see several surgeons prior to making a final decision. You are welcome to come back to see us for a subsequent visit if you need additional information. There is no fee for a second consultation.

Scheduling Surgery

Jasmine will help schedule your surgery at a convenient date and time. You will be given an Informed Consent to carefully review. It will detail your obligation as a patient and explain any potential risks and complications.

Your pre operative visit will confirm all medical and lab reports. You will get written pre operative instructions to follow. Failure to take these seriously could influence your result. Any prescriptions we anticipate to be necessary for your comfort will be sent home with you at this time.

Planning Cosmetic Surgery | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery


The day of your surgery you will arrive at San Mateo Surgery Center and be prepared by our nurse. This accredited surgical suite is uniquely designed for cosmetic procedures and the staff is well versed in providing top quality care. It is a professional, tranquil and secure environment dedicated to your privacy, comfort and safety.

You will see your surgeon and the anesthesiologist prior to your procedure. You will be given local, regional or general anesthesia and wake up in our recovery suite.

Planning Cosmetic Surgery | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Recuperation and Post op

You will be closely monitored by our nursing staff during your initial recovery. Before you leave, your surgeon will see you. Because of anesthesia, you must have another adult with you before we can release you. If you have arranged for 24 hour nursing care, you will leave under her care. It is important that you follow all post operative instructions carefully during your recovery. Follow up visits are scheduled in advance and vary by procedure but you will typically see your surgeon the next day after surgery.

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