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Post-Operative Instructions

Your overall surgical result is predicated upon your understanding and commitment to all pre and post operative instructions. This information will be made available to you in your pre-surgical package. All recommended medications and supplements will be prescribed and issued prior to the day of surgery. We will spend as much time as necessary during your consultation or by phone to be sure all our instructions are clear. Our goal for you is a smooth and swift recovery.

Post-Operative Instructions | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Vitamins and Nutrients

In order to best support the healing process, Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery believes in prescribing specific vitamins and nutrients designed for comprehensive cosmetic surgery procedures. VitaMedica’s surgery program combines three products to provide support to our patient’s immune system, prevent infection, minimize inflammation and reduce bruising. These surgical supplements are designed to be safe, effective and simple to use.

Post-Operative Instructions | Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery

Aftercare Facility

You will be unable to drive after your procedure. For your safety, it is important that you arrange to have a responsible adult accompany you home once you are released from recovery. Should you, Dr. Beck or Dr. Brink determine an overnight stay is in your best interest, we recommend the Recovery Care Inn. Located within the Mills Health Center in San Mateo, this setting offers private rooms and suites accommodating plastic surgery San Francisco, San Mateo and San Jose patients for up to 72 hours following elective surgery or other non-acute procedures. Staffed by experienced registered nurses, your safety and comfort is assured. Meals are included and visitors are welcome provided they are pre-approved by patient and staff. The Recovery Care Inn provides a quiet, professional environment with the right amount of "TLC" to make your recovery a pleasant experience.

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