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Upcoming Lectures:

Where: Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, PA
When: March 26-30
Dr. Beck and his team are Gold Sponsor and will be lecturing in addtion to offering free mini-consultations at the event!!
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Where: Esprit Conference in Port Angeles, WA
When: May 11-18
Dr. Beck and his team will be lecturing in addition to offering free mini-consultations.
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Upcoming Lectures | Transgender Surgery San Francisco

Attending the conferences around the nation , our team provides a means for those individuals to personally meet with him and spend some quality time learning more about their theory about feminization surgery. In addition, many before and after photos will be available for those interested in potential surgery!

As a provider to the transgender community locally, nationally, and internationally this was not by coincidence. Our team travels throughout the country lecturing specifically to female to male and male to female transgendered people. We have donated to the conferences both in his time off work and financially. “ I cherish and feel privileged taking care of this group of patients. They are so warm, thankful, and just good people. Allowing them to obtain an aesthetic identity by surgical modification is a true honor to provide.” Our lectures typically include my surgical theory on care of the transgendered individual, a bit on my background, and then a large number of before and after photos. We encourage audience participation. We then also provide mini-consultations both before and after my lectures. “Conferences are a time to meet literally hundreds of individuals interested in transitioning either part time or fully to the sex they have always identified with. It is also a time to socialize and make friends around the country and globally as a number of people from other countries participate.”

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