Non-Invasive Body Contouring by SculpSure™ At Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery, we are excited to offer our guests the benefits that come with SculpSure:

  • Treatment takes just 25 minutes
  • Destroys up to 24 percent of fat cells treated
  • Non-surgical: no incisions, no sutures
  • No redness, tenderness or bruising
  • Cools skin surfaces as it eradicates fat
  • Replenishes depleted stores of collagen and elastin
  • Does not require anesthesia
  • Can be used to treat any area of the body
  • Suitable for clients of all ages, shapes and sizes
  • FDA-tested and approved
  • Succeeds where diet and exercise has failed
  • More effective than Coolsculpting
  • Read, nap, watch movies or text during your session

How does SculpSure work?

During the treatment, the provider will place one or more of the applicators on the targeted treatment area. These include the hips, arms, axillae, chest, belly, thighs, knees, calves and almost any other trouble zone. There's no squeezing of the skin between paddles – the SculpSure™ devices are laid flat on your skin. During the treatment, you may feel a tingling sensation at times. Fat cells are blasted away while outer skin cells remain intact, and thanks to ScupSure’s autonomous cooling technology, discomfort is kept to a minimum. As fat cells succumb to apoptosis, they are escorted out of the body via the normal elimination process, leaving you with a sleeker physique. The painless procedure is completed in about 30 minutes, after which you'll be able to return to work or any other activity. There is no downtime after this treatment!

What kind of results can I expect?

Some people get a great result from a single treatment session. Other people benefit from multiple sessions. You should see a good result about 6 weeks after your treatment, and you'll reach the best results at 12 weeks.

SculpSure™ destroys fat cells, leading to smoother, more defined contours. These fat cells are destroyed permanently, and cannot return. You can of course still gain weight, but the results from SculpSure™ can certainly be described as long-lasting.

Who invented SculpSure?

SculpSure is made by Cynosure, a worldwide leader in body contouring technology with a history of successful cosmetic treatments spanning two decades in close to one hundred countries.

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How does SculpSure differ from Coolsculpting? SculpSure?

While Coolsculpting is effective for slimming broad areas such as the hips or belly through its wide, suctioning panels, this process can sometimes cause discomfort for patients. SculpSure is a more elegant and refined body contouring method relying on concentrated laser energy. It gently reduces unwanted fat cells using small, warming applicators that can be applied to any region of the body, no matter how remote. SculpSure is less time-consuming than Coolsculpting and is known for achieving a greater degree of fat apoptosis in patients over the span of several months.

Why should I select Dr. Liu and his team for my SculpSure treatment?

Because SculpSure is non-surgical and is seemingly easy to administer, it may be tempting to seek out treatment in a more casual setting such as at a day spa. Here it is important to remember that choosing a board certified plastic surgeon who practices within an accredited outpatient facility is the best way to ensure safety, cleanliness and successful results. Our team has extensive experience in body contouring techniques, and can create a nuanced, personalized plan that addresses your unique anatomy, lifestyle and aesthetic desires.

Schedule A Consultation

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How do I move forward with SculpSure?

The first step is to schedule a private consultation with our team in the comfort of our Bay Area office suites. During this time, we will go over your medical records, review past body contouring procedures, address questions and concerns, discuss before and after photos, and present you with a clear road map for what you can expect from SculpSure.

If you have an interest in other slimming procedures such as abdominoplasty, our team can also discuss these with you in depth during the consultation. Your complete satisfaction is a primary objective for Dr. Liu and his team, so do not hesitate to voice any special requests.

Where does the procedure take place?

Our team has hospital privileges all over San Francisco and San Mateo, but prefers to perform cosmetic procedures at the AAAASF-accredited San Mateo Surgery Center. This convenient and accessible outpatient facility offers clients the utmost discretion along with world class equipment, technology and software; a peaceful, inviting atmosphere; and treatment by a friendly, board certified team of anesthesiologists, RNs and surgical technicians. In addition to safety, privacy and outstanding care, amenities such as concierge service and valet parking are a given at the San Mateo Surgery Center.

Minimize Pockets of Fat on Your Body with SculpSure™

SculpSure™ is FDA-approved to treat the abdomen and love handles, and can be used off-label for thighs, back, arms and other areas. Our team can determine whether SculpSure™ can treat your area of concern. This innovative device uses laser energy to heat up and melt fat cells. Over time, your lymphatic system naturally removes these destroyed fat cells from your body. It is not a method to lose weight, but it is a method to reduce targeted fat cells.

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Schedule A Consultation

To schedule your consultation with our team to find out if you are a good candidate for SculpSure™, please call Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery at 650-249-3169. We serve aesthetic and reconstructive patients from all over, including San Francisco, San Jose and San Mateo.

Insurance Notes:

Unfortunately, SculpSure treatment is cosmetic and as such is considered an elective procedure by insurance companies. It is not deemed a medical method of reversing obesity or weight loss. Our clients enjoy access to a wide array of financing options, however. Please contact our office for further details.

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